Sublime Sunday reviewing Trailcam

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So I spent some time this SublimeSunday by not only walking through the woods, but also picked up the memory card from one of my trailcams. This one has been out for just under 2 months. Took over 3,600 photos. (I limit it to 3 shots per movement, still tweaking). There were only about 50 shots with wildlife on them, so yes took a while to sort and delete. I'm going to change locations next time, way too many false shots from wind blowing the weeds and changing light/shadows.

Only a handful of good ones, but caught some interesting wildlife. It was able to capture several deer shots, fox, skunk, groundhog, bobcat, squirrels, robin and a robin this time out. I was pretty excited to catch the bobcat on film, I had guessed they would be in the area, but first time seeing them.

What a great weekend for wildlife, this in addition to the wild turkeys I caught outside the bedroom on the real camera yesterday morning. For the turkey post, see here:

Anyway here are a few of the better shots, the ones at night are black and white, the camera has an infrared light source on it and flips to night mode at dusk.
Caught several of the deer, this one was just last night. Mama has twins running around with her! Glad I didn't pick up the camera Saturday like I originally planned!

Hello Deer!

Are you lookin' at me?

Young Buck just starting to sprout antlers.

Peppy LaPew!

Little squirrel hanging out several times.

Groundhog day!

Here is the elusive bobcat, photo quality is poor, but you can just make out the shape. On the next shot, you can see the bob tail.


Enjoy! And be careful out there, you never know what is out there stalking the night!


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Checking webcams is always kinda spooky - you never know what's going to turn up! I'm always irrationally worried it'll be some kind of monster :P

Would love to catch Sasquatch on there!

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