Kad stigne zima i hladni zimski dani 🌬️🌨️❄️ When winter arrives and cold winter days

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Svaka nas zima obraduje prvim pahuljama snega, koje lepršaju u vazduhu poput balerina i nežno se spuštaju na sve oko sebe.
Mislim da su bele pahulje i snežni pokrivač najlepši zimski poklon, pogotovo kada je to pred sam božić, nekako izgleda sve svećanije.
A kakva bi bila zima bez snega?
Ipak mislim da je zima godišnje dobaba koja mami uzdahe, svakog od nas.

Every winter makes us happy with the first snowflakes, which flutter in the air like ballerinas and gently fall on everything around them.
I think that white snowflakes and a blanket of snow are the most beautiful winter gifts, especially when it's right before Christmas, somehow it looks more festive.
And what would winter be without snow?
However, I think that winter is a season that draws sighs from each of us.

ledeni izvor 1.jpegledeni izvor 2.jpeg

Zimski pejzaži su nekako neobične lepote, planine u daljini su svoje zelene površine zamenile zimskim i snežnim pokrivaćem, a opkoljuju ga četinari, pogled sa daljine očarava.

Winter landscapes are somewhat unusual beauties, the mountains in the distance have replaced their green areas with winter and snow cover, and it is surrounded by conifers, the view from a distance is enchanting.

ledeni put 1.jpeg

ledeni put 2.jpeg

Reke postaju tiše, šum reke se jedva čuje ali zato ga krase ledenice i zamrzla voda poput ogledala.

The rivers become quieter, the sound of the river is barely audible, but that's why it is decorated with icicles and frozen water like a mirror.

ledeni izvor 3.jpegledeni izvor 4.jpeg

Čak su i mostovi zavejani snegom, belina snega bi osvežila svačije poglede.

Even the bridges are covered in snow, the whiteness of the snow would refresh everyone's views.

ledena reka s mostom 1.jpegledena reka s mostom 2.jpegledena reka s mostom 3.jpeg

Dar prirode u hladnim zimskim danima je sneg,verovatno u svakom od nas bude jedan avanturistički duh, zima može pokrenuti maštu, želje i nove vizije.
Samim tim je i početak jedne nove godine koja nam predstoji pokrenite svoje vizije za jedan dobar početak.

Nature's gift in cold winter days is snow, probably there is an adventurous spirit in each of us, winter can trigger imagination, desires and new visions.
With that, it is the beginning of a new year ahead of us, start your visions for a good start.

Your Maya

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