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Rejoice for there is Hope in the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ πŸ™. Although that we Christians are in the period of Lent the suffering and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ πŸ™ but there is indeed hope of his resurrection from death and we are to Rejoice.



In Life πŸ™ there are certain things that we should always avoid and not try to do in places we find ourselves anytime anywhere.

  • Hatred: There should not be hatred for one another in us as the children of Light we should always Love one another.When there is hatred for people that person's work won't be good to those that have hatred for him or her.
    Envy: There should not be envy in us we should always be Contented with that in which we have. That in which others have and we desire we should always work hard for that inside of cultivating envy for others πŸ™.
  • We should always show the Light πŸ™: We are the Children of Light and we should always show to others and our deeds should show indeed RNFetchBlobTmp_dqbafh6v69rkevt7p7ujtp.jpgthat we are the Children of Light πŸ™.

Always proclaim the Word of God Almighty πŸ™ Like the Blind man which Jesus Christ healed was proclaiming his good deeds of Miracle πŸ™ in his Life so we should always do so anytime.
Election Break is over and We are grateful to God Almighty πŸ™ for Journey Mercies πŸ™ Back to School πŸ™. A day well Spent All Glory to God Almighty πŸ™
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We keep Hoping and Trusting in God Almighty πŸ™ for Everything πŸ™.
Thanks for visiting My Blog πŸ’•πŸ’•.
Positivity is Our Watchword πŸ™πŸ™.

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Let's keep loving each other and do what is right by God. Keeping to our promises as he does, caring for our beloved, and forgiving those who trespass against us.

The word of God is sufficient unto us. A world without envy and hatred would be a beautiful world to be in.


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Sufficient indeed πŸ™
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The pleasure is all mine.

Thanks for sharing this uplifting message and moment with us.

You are highly welcome 😁😁

It is definitely the right time to reflect on the meaning of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. If He died for each one of us, how should that affect our lives? It is very valuable that you take the time, even this space to consider the most important event for every Christian and that gives us the opportunity to reconcile with God. congratulations @sommylove