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New year resolution is our decision to do (achieve)certaing things before a specified time (weeks,month,etc)in the year,and forego some others for a good success.
It has become a common phenomenon to make a new year resolution on the eve of a new year concerning bad things we have been doing that we don't wanna do again or the good things we have not been doing that we plan to began to good as this is,unfortunately,majority of these resolutions fail. Why?
1:the make no proper plan or research on the matter
2:they set too much goals or make too many resolutions to be achieved within the same period of time
3:the goal they set for themselves is unrealistic
4:they lack determination and enthusiasm needed to achieve the goals
5:we do not keep track of the progress so as to tackle on time the likely failure of our goals
6: we give in to discouragement at the failure or disappointment we encounter.
Dear friends @iamalivechalleng and friends of hive making and succeeding in our resolutions requires hard working,persistence and determination. Put more effort in monitoring your level of success or failure and you will definitely succeed with God on your side stay safe and stay alive


Looks like quite a crowd in the new year.