MAN-KAREN Gets Manhandled - DR Mask Shamer Tries To Eat Knuckle Sandwich With Mask On - Moscow, ID

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Mask Shamer Manhandled in Moscow, ID

Since the arrests I covered in Moscow Idaho earlier this week(link below) there have been several more gatherings in protest of the the mandate and now the arrests of 3 individuals over not social distancing and not wearing masks while outside in public. What you're about to see took place on Saturday afternoon September 26, 2020. Protesters met at the city hall parking lot. After a few people spoke the gathering moved a couple blocks away to the police department. While there this old "medical field" worker started hassling others about wearing masks. He kept egging others on so I went to go listen in and eventually added my two cents before Dr. Mask Shamer here took things a little to far. Please Upvote, Reblog and Follow!

Video of arrests at city hall

City of Moscow, ID contact info:

206 E 3rd Street
Moscow, ID 83843
Phone - (208)883-7021

Moscow Police Department contact info:

325 SE Paradise St
Pullman, WA 99163
Phone - (208)882-2677

Sources used in this video:

You got knocked the F#!K OUT!
City of Moscow Mask Mandate Order
Facebook statement of city of Moscow

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His sidearm stayed holstered even after being assaulted by the hot chemicals. Good control.
The flaccid slave was not considered worthy of needing to use a higher caliber than fists.
Stay Muzzle-less friends!

The first lesson in life most of us are taught is do as you are told, or consequences.
We grow up waiting our turn to dish out the consequences.
None dare call it utopia.

Kyle there learned a very valuable lesson about real life and academia.
Though I'm not sure your friend's advancement technique gets him a pass from a judge.

Agreed, the guy with the gun will probably get charged with something. I don't agree with that. The coffee guy was no innocent victim but he was also justified in throwing his coffee. He just wasn't smart enough to understand if you throw coffee on someone you better be ready to deflect a few blows. Just my 2 cents.

Lol, hopefully it can be handled without the ruling class getting involved, but that really isn't the world we live in.