PhotoFeed Contest - Cityscape Photography - Round 4

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Brisbane Cityscape
Brisbane Panorama
View from the air

I had a little bit of time on my last day in Queensland before my flight. I was headed from Gold Coast to the Brisbane International Airport and decided to stop by this nice area, Kangeroo Point, in Brisbane, to take some photos. Kangeroo Point sits on top of some cliffs opposite the city and has a nice view of the city skyline. Not to mention that it is located at the u-shaped curve of the river that looks great.

I also took out my drone for a quick flight, as the weather was great and not too windy. I managed to fly my drone a little to get a view of the river and the city skyline and a couple of other aerial shots. I also took a short walk along Kangeroo Point and got a panoramic shot of the river and city.

And that was the last set of photos I took in Brisbane. I probably won't be here for a while, but I enjoyed my visit to Brisbane and Gold Coast and had some nice memories and photos here.

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Photos taken in a panoramic way are more effective