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RE: PhotoFeed Landscape Contest - Winner announcement

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I don't twitter, but it has been awhile since I saw many long exposure shots, maybe also add a sub theme to long exposure, a fast frozen in time shot, like the milk drops bouncing back or a water drop caught mid air thing. Long or fast theme. Stop action wave shots give some pretty interesting things to look at like surfing monsters or diving iguana, I have seen a lot in stop action wave shots.



I've done a vote on Long Exposure for you! :))

Yeah I love the idea with "Stop Action / Frozen Shots" but I think barley anyone on the Hive blockchain does them. Well, at least I'm not aware of it. But yeah, as a sub_theme it could work!

And again, thank you for your support!

If "Long Exposure" wins then contest title could be something like the "Long and Short of it". But yeah, not many frozen in time shots out there.

I'm a photographer here on Hive who rarely post long exposure shots. I typically don't shoot anything with extremely high shutter speeds either, but hearing you talk about it makes me want to try.

You wont believe what you can see in waves breaking when they are frozen in time, I see all sorts of things in them, and the water or milk drop shots are pretty cool to see, I actually caught an Icicle droplet in mid air one time.

My camera can shoot up to 1/8000. I think this will be my project for tomorrow.