Khumbi Yul Lha

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Khumbi Yul Lha (5,761m or 18,901ft ) at sunrise. Raven in the foreground on the holy mountain Tengboche. Everest Region, Himalayas, Nepal. Shot taken on Fuji Velvia slide film.

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I was going to ask if this was shot on film. . and then I read the rest of your post. Cool shot!

Is it the slide film that’s making the sky that blue or do these alpine locations have nice blue skies to do with the nice blue lakes?

A bit of both, Fuji velvia has very saturated blues, but the sky at that altitude is about half as dense so you get less blue light scattering and hence the sky looks a darker blue. Once you get up to the top of everest levels it has 1/3 of the air and it almost looks black in phtos.