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Welcome to our new daily feature (Mo - Sat) - "PhotoFeed Around The World" - A contest series where we host a contest for all 6 continents on 6 different days. Each contest (continent) will run for 1 week before another round starts. Just post your entry into the comment section and you are good to go!
You can post anything from Landscape, Street Photography, Cityscape, Astro-Photography etc. - Just what ever you like related to the continent!

Winner of Round 15 - Africa

The winner of Round 15 - Africa is @sharker with an impressive drone shot of the Olifants River during dawn in South Africa - What a beautiful image! I love the symmetry with the different green/brown colors of this capture. Thanks a bunch for sharing this image with us, Sharker!



CountrySouth Africa
Image by@sharker


Round 16 of our weekly Africa contest starts right now. Drop your entries in the comment section below!




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Good Luck Everyone!

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Amazing lighting over the river, hope you got to see all the elephants down on the water when visiting the spectacular part of the Kruger Park, congratulations @sharker

My photo this week over Park Rynie Crocodile Conservation center with views of Scottburgh town in the background. 50 kilometers south of Durban is where you find the Nile crocodile being bred and well taken care of.


Thanks a lot! Good light is real magic for photos :)
Yes, I saw elephants, although not in the Kruger Park, but it turned out worse with hippos. Well, the safari on this trip was a completely secondary goal, so anyway I'm glad for everything that I managed to see :)

Wow, crocodile center! And so many birds around :) An interesting place and a good photo!

We stayed in Oliphants Camp for a couple of nights with river below, had huge herds of elephant pass mornings and evenings, wonderful watching them help little ones up the hill.

Photography always on the day with lighting and animals 🙂

Oh, how cool it is to watch this! I envy you a little :)

Yes, it's definitely true :)

Have had the good fortune to travel quite a bit within our country, some amazing sights when able to stay and watch.

Have a great day!

This is amazing! Hope you have many more interesting and beautiful places ahead to see. You have a very beautiful country. Have a nice day too!

Country is beautiful, not quite as safe as it once was for travel, still get going, only one life to live!

Yes, I have heard, it makes me sad to think about it, as well as about many other problems of the our world nowadays. I agree that life should go on and try to get the most out of it. Keep it up!

Thank you! :)


Hi! I think you made a little mistake, this entry should be left in the post about the Asia contest, here it may not be seen and not taken into account.

Thank you! I'll post there. I tried to find the proper place but couldn't figure it out - the posts' titles don't help much. Now I understand.

You're welcome. You can navigate by paying attention to the titles with the name of the continent.

"Around The World Contest, Africa - Winner Announcement + Round 16" would be more relevant.

May be :)