PhotoFeed Contest #3- People Photography

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Authored by @worldcapture

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Hey Photography Community!

After another successful contest round I want to introduce you Round 3 of our series with this weeks theme - People Photography.
On our twitter poll we had a draw between wildlife/people - So we will start with "People Photography" this week and continue with "Wildlife Photography" next week!





Any picture which includes People counts (Street, Portrait, Culture etc.)


  • 1 image per user
  • Post your image below in the comments
  • No nudity
  • Only your own original images

Winner Voting


The winners will be voted by the community. You can simply upvote your favorite pictures in the comments (I recommend to use 1% votes as not the value but the number of votes count)

  • Users can vote as many pictures as they like
  • Min. Rep (50) to vote
  • No Selfvotes
  • Fair voting (Don't invite people to vote for your image)


Photofeed will provide 10 HIVE for every round. The prize pool can increase if people Tip on this post.
Peakd offers the feature to Send tip's for posts. 100% of the tipped Hive on this post will directly go into the prizepool. The more people tip - The higher the prizepool will be.

150%5 Hive + Tip
230%3 Hive + Tip
320%2 Hive + Tip


Current Tip Pool: 20 HIVE (updated every 24h)

Good luck to everyone 📸



Glad to participate in another one of @photofeed 's great contests. Here is my submission from a trip to Cambodia:

Monk at the Temple

Location | Siem Reap, Cambodia

Love it! Great motive, great colors. Thanks a ton for joining in again and sharing your work with us! 🤘

I took this shot of some Yakel village elders sitting under a Banyan tree in a Nambas village on Tanna island, Vanuatu. The Yakel people live a traditional life that in many ways has remained unchanged over the millennia. The people of Vanuatu often rank as some of the happiest on the planet (4th happiest globally in the 2016 Happy Planet Index) . Ranked with a higher wellbeing than those living in Japan, they achieve this with an Ecological Footprint per capita a quarter of the size of Japan’s, and a GDP per capita that’s more than twenty times smaller than neighboring Australia. Some food for thought for those of us living in highly developed societies.


All images in this post were taken by and remain the Copyright of Robert Downie -

Fantastic entry Robert! First time I've heard of the Yakel people. I would love to meet them by myself one day!

  • And thanks for the generous prizepool tip!

Thanks for keeping the photo contests alive. Here is a "just for fun" entry from my side. Taken in a cafe on Bali.

Hope to see lots of awesome entries.


Awesome shot! It took me a minute until I realized you photographed it through a mirror :D - It first looked like you were sitting there flying a drone in the cafe :D

  • Thanks for the prizepool tip!!

haha thanks. It took me a while to realise that there is a mirror. :)

No worries

Great shot, very different.

Thanks, appreciate it! :)


Ah, cool to see such initiatives once more!

Here be some people doing modern people things:


Good luck and have fun, everyone!

Awesome! Great to see you back on a People Photography contest 😀

People photography gives you so many choices. I really had a tough decision and at the end next theme decided photo for this week. I was choosing between Africa's portrait and Indonesian one which won as I will choose African photo for next week, that is already decided :)

I like the pose of this guy, not revealing his face, but still be main motive on the photography.

Hope you will like my choice and good luck to all of you...


Great shot @crazy-andy! Love it!

  • Thanks for the prizepool tip!

My entry: A man waiting for his luck.
DSC_0116_opt (1).jpg
Camera: Nikon D3100.
ISO: 100.
Focal Length: 48mm.
Aperture: 5,3.
Shuter Speed: 1/15seg.

Hello Hive, I took this photo in a small neighborhood of Ezeiza, Buenos Aires. I had the opportunity to talk a couple of words with the model.
He is father of three daughters and four sons. He is retired and every afternoon he sits on a chair in his porch. The man knows a lot of what happens in the hood.
When we were concluding our talk, I give him as a present a bottle of wine. He responded: "This is my lucky day, I love this kind of days."

Great entry - I love it! Thanks for sharing your work! :))

I appreciate your words. Thanks for giving value to our work!


Probably my favourite portrait from India, where there are a heap of interesting people to photograph. This is also on my website ( and I can provide proof of ownership if required.

What a beautiful portrait. Everything matches perfect in this image for my taste - Was it a 1.4 lens? - Thanks a lot for joining in!

*Still hoping to see more of your work soon again! 😀

Thanks Photofeed. I shot this with the original Fujifilm X100. APS-C, 23mm f2.0. I shot all my portraits in India with the fujifilm at f2. Such a good little camera wide open.

That's pretty impressive for such a small camera! It looks super crispy with a great bokeh 👍 👍

When i eventually go back to India, I'll get another of the X100 varieties (I sold this one after I got back). They are a great street camera, and they don't draw a lot of attention.

Yeah I can imagine that. I might have a look into them as well. Shooting on the streets with a D750 and a 24-70 isn't always ideal ;)

Great shot @revo. Matching background seamlessly.


I just heard of this contest now. Glad that I found it out. Here's my entry. A photograph of kids playing in a park[abandoned].

Great image! I was hoping that you gonna join this contest! 😁

Hahaha!!! I'm glad I found it out. I'm gonna be a regular now. 😁

You are a master of colors. Everything in this image just pops! Well done @kodeblacc :)

Cool shot - Nice location! Thanks for participating :))

Thank you @photofeed! :-)
It is a awesome location with water on both sides
of a tiny strip of land and lots of things to see!

😊 Happy to join another @photofeed contest 😊

#longexposure #portrait
▪️85 mm - 45s - F/16 - iso 200▪️

Awesome to have you again! Thanks for joining in :))

“Thirsty” — Spili, Crete, Greece, 2013.

Cool shot! I knew you will come up with something 😀🤘

  • Thanks for the prizepool tip!

Thanks man! With pleasure. ;)

a lucky capture, very cool reportage streetphoto. like it!

My entry for this weeks competition. I dont't do many proper studio portraits, but this is definitely one of my favourites:

Chayla 22122PP.jpg

Good work Dan! Thanks for joining in 😁

This is my entry:

Pleased to take part, interesting topic:)

There is a lot going on! Cool shot - Thanks for sharing it :))

My Pleasure!

Aqui mi entrada al concurso,cena entre familia y amistades..
éxito en este concurso, saludos desde Venezuela

Thanks for participating! 😀

Hello there!

I hope you like my entry... 😉

A Fun Couple Snugging in Bratislava

Links: eSteem / PeakD / Busy / Hive Blog
Tribes: PalNet / CreativeCoin

Ha - They just came back clubbing? :D - Thanks for your entry! :))

djua6e.jpg Cheers @photofeed for another great competition. Happy days.
Here's my partner, son and I in a damp hole in the ground. What better way to spend a Sunday morning with the family :)

Fantastic work! Thanks for participating :))

Thanks very much and keep up the great work too. Happy days :)

Hello everyone,

Here is my entry for the @photofeed contest...

Anyone watching the movie Time of The Gypsies?

This movie impressed me when I first watched it. Because, despite all the bad conditions, people found something they could be happy and continue their lives.

The other day I saw these children while visiting Inciralti City Forest. As far as I understood, they were thrown out of their homes and set up a tent where the forest and the sea meet. Despite this, they all laughed and had fun. Of course, I had no chance to stay there. Sometimes the parents of this type of child can be very touchy and I always have to think about the possibility of attacking me. For this reason, I quickly got away after taking the photo. Because I had to take plenty of long exposure photos that day.

"Time of Gypsies" movie came to my mind involuntarily when I shot them.


Nice capture with a interesting story. Thanks for sharing you work and also thanks for the prizepool tip! 🙏

happy to participate, a good prompt. my entry:


'Kinematic' -- St.Petersburg, Russia, 2019.

Haha that's a cool shot! - Good work! :))

Good morning and this is my first entry in this community.

I was outside the house and saw these two boys riding the bicycle. The little boy fell down on the mud. His brother washed him in our water dispenser supply outside the house. The water is cold because it is for all people bypasser to drink. I talked to the big boy not to wash with cold water. He listened to me and then they said goodbye.

When they passed in front of me, I tried to capture the moment and this is how they looked.

I'm just using my Huawei Y9 android phone camera.

Thank you @photofeed.

What a lovely shot! Thanks for participating @olivia08

Im so shy, they are all good professionals
Anyway, thank you and just supporting you all the time.

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Never be shy - Just be proud what you have :))

Thank you for the motivation.

Life is Fashion


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Always a pleasure to see one of your images. Light and Shadow at its best.

Very nice image! Amazing colors with great light.

The weaver, her weft and her dog!
Not the most elaborated portrait but I love it :)


Lovely image! Thanks for sharing it :))

beggar 2.png

I was waiting for my bus back to My Hostel in Udaipur after visiting Kumbalgarh. Standing tired right next to a tea stall when some locals offered me free tea when the found out that I am a tourist. It was while I was sipping tea I found this man in the above Image smoking beedee.

Don't know what beedee is?

Its an Indian Cigerette where tobacco is wrapped in a leaf rather than a paper.
Can't tell how it is because I never smoked it.

Like most of the conversations , this one also started with a friendly smile, followed by questions about my whereabouts and inquiries about rest of my visit.

After noticing that this guy was friendly, I kind of asked him if it was okay if I click his picture.

To my happniess, He did oblige.

This is probably the best picture I photographed so far.
A picture that I am very proud of.

Superb Portrait! Thanks for participating :))

Celebrated International Women's Day through our university organization Women Peace Cafe which works to empower women, establish their rights, peaceful communities and enhance women's skills in line with the times.


Thanks for sharing your picture! 😀

Thanks for joining in again! :))

Ok guys, I don't really like to be in the pictures, so I decided to be a little bit out of focus, plus I wanted to focus on the cell phone and my hands, so that it could be seen that I was taking the selfie from the app.


Cool angle and nice color grading. Thanks a ton for joining in and your support!


Hey Everyone!

A street portrait in Sydney, Australia.

Looking forward to seeing your images 🙌

Great to see you back posting! Thanks a lot for sharing this great portrait! :))

As always, it's my pleasure. Thanks a million!

Excellent initiative of @photofeed, here I leave you an image of the Venezuelan coast, on Margarita Island.


Having your pet with you when traveling the globe and showing the beauty of the world to it :D

My entry; Street photo, Reykjavik, Iceland.


Thanks a lot for your work for the photographic community here, @photofeed, photo on! :)

You have received 100 PHOTO tokens!

Thank you for hosting a photography challenge on hive.

Cheers! :))

My entry to the contest.
I took this photo a few years ago, in the garden of my house.