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"In the visual arts, a Cityscape (urban landscape) is an artistic representation, such as a painting, drawing, print or photograph, of the physical aspects of a city or urban area. It is the urban equivalent of a landscape. Townscape is roughly synonymous with cityscape, though it implies the same difference in urban size and density (and even modernity) implicit in the difference between the words city and town. In urban design the terms refer to the configuration of built forms and interstitial space." Wiki


Round 28 Cityscape Photography Winners


Rank 1 - @tommyl33



Image by@tommyl33
Prize15% Beneficiaries



Rank 2 - @xaviduran



Image by@xaviduran
Prize12% Beneficiaries


Rank 3 - @castri-ja



Image by@castri-ja
Prize10% Beneficiaries




SundayLong Exposure28.05.2023




  • Every user has 1 entry per theme
  • Only use your own work
  • Post your entry in the comment section with a short description
  • No nudity



  • Every Round has 3 winners which will share a pool of 35% post beneficiaries
  • Every entry receives a 50% upvote on the comment submission
  • If you make a separate post with "PhotoFeed Contest - .." u will receive a 50-100% upvote on your post

Good Luck Everyone!

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Hey! My entry:

Samut Prakan City, Thailand from my last post Island of Collared Kingfishers


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Thanks @photofeed

Congratulations @xaviduran and @tommyl33


Thanks so much . Congratulations to you too :).

You are welcome


Hey @tommyl33, here is a little bit of BEER from @castri-ja for you. Enjoy it!

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Most welcome! :))

Many thanks @photofeed for appreciating my work, and congratulations to @tommyl33 and @castri-ja for their deserved prize.

See you soon!

Well deserved! :))

As usual, wonderful photographs :))