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"Wildlife photography is a genre of photography that records the life of animals in their natural settings, like in a forest or underwater. So, wildlife photography often constitutes the images of animals in movement or action such as eating, fighting, or in flight. It also covers various organisms, including mammals, insects, plants, reptiles, rodents, and other invertebrates. Alternatively, it may also record the in-depth details of an animal’s appearance or its presence within its environment." NFI


Round 29 Wildlife Photography Winners


Rank 1 - @jlinaresp



Image by@jlinaresp
Prize15% Beneficiaries



Rank 2 - @betterthanhome



Image by@betterthanhome
Prize12% Beneficiaries


Rank 3 - @digi-me



Image by@digi-me
Prize10% Beneficiaries




SundayLong Exposure04.06.2023




  • Every user has 1 entry per theme
  • Only use your own work
  • Post your entry in the comment section with a short description
  • No nudity



  • Every Round has 3 winners which will share a pool of 35% post beneficiaries
  • Every entry receives a 50% upvote on the comment submission
  • If you make a separate post with "PhotoFeed Contest - .." u will receive a 50-100% upvote on your post

Good Luck Everyone!

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A collared kingfisher from my last post Island of Collared Kingfishers:

Congratulations to the winners! Here is my entry for this contest.


Entry for this week in wildlife Pollinating Partners shared in Feathered Friends during last week.

Here my entry to Round 30!


A very young individual of common iguana (Iguana iguana)
Location: Montalbán, Carabobo, Venezuela.

And here is a whole *POST* in @photofeed with this and other photos! ;)

Omg!!! What a capture!!! Absolute stunning image!

Here is my entry for the next round:

Wow! Wonderful captures :)


Cheers! :))

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oh wow - thanks for the support, guys! :))

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Wow! great selection of birds today. Congratulations to @jlinaresp and @betterthanhome 😊

Thanks a lot dear @photofeed team!!!... And big applause for @betterthanhome and @digi-me friends!... Great shots!