Daily Highlighted Authors - December 29th, 2020

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   Every day we will select and publish the best author and his work, selected among the different authors manually curated daily by The Talent Club.

   With each of these authors selected daily, we will do a monthly raffle among the thirty best authors of the month, giving the lucky person an extra 10 HIVE prize.

   Our purpose is none other than to continue highlighting and remunerating talent on the platform, regardless of whether you belong to the club or not.

Daily featured author

   Congratulations for your work. You've been already upvoted by the club and you have now a ticket for the monthly raffle:

Our opinion about your article

   During this quarantine, we have had to do many things at home. Some of us learned to prepare bread and others, more brave, learned to cut hair. This author is one of these self-taught who risked cutting the hair of his son, a beautiful boy who with his smile filled the video with happiness.

   It was an extreme change: he went from having lush hair to wearing a short one, which makes him look very handsome.

Monthly featured authors list

1st - @lourdeshd6, 2nd - @bluemoon, 3rd - @katic-19c, 4th - @camborio, 5th - @tahiaarq, 6th - none

7th - @safiro, 8th - @anitsirc, 9th - @annephilbrick, 10th - @saulos, 11th - @antoniojoseha, 12th - @labeba1969

13th - none, 14th - @elizabeths14, 15th - @alarconr22.arte, 16th - @maryed, 17th - @issymarie2, 18th - @yiobri

19th - @nainaztengra, 20th - none, 21st - @toffer, 22nd - @desireeart, 23rd - @ggerartd08, 24th - @slwzl

25th - @tussar11, 26th - @stevenson7, 27th - none, 28th - @paolamendoza19, 29th - @edwing357, 30th -

31st -

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Hey @gottalent,
Sorry to jump in with something a bit off-topic.
The current HiveBuzz proposal will expire in a few days.
Do you mind casting your vote for the proposal renewal we made for 2021 so our team can continue with its work?

Thank you. I wish you all the best for 2021! Have a Happy New Year ✨🥂✨

Hi there @arcange!
Happy Holidays to you!
We've just voted the proposal with the main account of the club and this one.
Keep up the good work!
Best regards!

Thank you for your support @gottalent, much appreciated! 👍