Providing Free Education Will Decrease The Rate Of Poverty

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Education is important in a country, the number of educated citizens living in the country will determine the growth of such a nation. Attending school has several advantages. It decreases illiteracy, expands career chances, strengthens connections with others, and advances business trends.
In a developing country, It is the greatest gift a country can give to its people, especially the youth. Because it's one of the tools to greatness.

How Will Free Education Decrease The Poverty Rate?

When someone is educated, their life is greatly impacted by their education. A person like that will be knowledgeable, wise, and understanding. The reasoning ability will be distinct from others because education teaches many things that aid in knowledge acquisition and personal development.

Consider the historical record of when missionaries brought western education to Africans. Many of our forefathers and leaders benefited from this free education.
The elementary schools and high schools were both free of charge.
Assuming the missionaries did not declare free education, many of our heroes and leaders would not have been able to take advantage of it.

Reading and writing are skills that education teaches; if one cannot do either, they are worthless. Communication with the missionaries and foreigners will be quite challenging.
The community that welcomed the missionaries back then, especially those who donated property for them to build a basic school and enrolled their children in it, has developed into a wonderful community today.

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The poverty rate in the community has been reduced because they have children who are now successful, they have well-paying jobs, and some are currently in positions of leadership in the Government.
Many children in the community receive scholarships from successful ones. This will raise the number of elites and lower the poverty rate in the community.

Furthermore, education improves health care and reduces population growth, both of which help to lower the poverty rate.
Another significant concern is the lack of schools in many areas.
Some communities have private schools and a lot of Individuals can't afford them

Due to a lack of education, many parents have more children than they can cater for.
They don't know how to use family planning to limit births, but they believe having many children is a blessing.
The children that were born will also lack education; some of these children subsequently grew up to be hoodlums and robbers in the community.

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Effects Of Free Education

There are a lot of disadvantages to free education, especially at the higher education level.
I will mention a few points below:


Free education would be expensive and need a large amount of money from the government. This is one of the main reasons the government was unable to provide free higher education.
For instance, the medical department uses a lot of expensive apparatus and machinery. The Government cannot afford to purchase all of this equipment on its own, while the students did not pay a dime.
There are other sectors that it's also important to the Government, e.g housing, health, agriculture etc.

    Classroom Congestion

There will be an increase in classroom space if more people have access to education. This will later result in congestion and a drop in educational quality.
Students won't be able to learn in a conducive environment.

      High Dependence

Both parents and students will depend on free education and this will make the students less serious and lose focus to become better people in the future.
In addition, parents who used to work hard and provide their children with the best education would start to become lazy. The desire to provide their children with the best education is one of the factors that motivate some people to work hard.
The desire to work more will decrease once education is free, though.

Decrease In Educational Standards

Students won't have access to some crucial tools and equipment, which will lower the quality of education. due to the possibility that the school won't be able to buy them.
Additionally, because education is free, the school won't be able to pay the teachers well.
Teachers might not be motivated to deliver high-quality education.

In conclusion, expanding access to free education would result in a larger population of educated individuals, a more skilled labour force, and a more booming economy. In a Long-term, this would lead to an increase in employment opportunities, higher wages, and a stronger economy.

The government should make basic and secondary education free, and then set a reasonable price for higher education so that many people may afford it.

Education will provide individuals and communities with the information they need, to make intelligent decisions that will advance their economic and social well-being.

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Education can definitely be made more affordable

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Yeah sure, you are right bro

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Thank you for the kind words!!

 2 months ago  

Once it's made free schools will be overpopulated.

 2 months ago  

Yeah that's right but that doesn't mean education should not be free

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Yeah, I discussed general education with higher education. That was the reason I specified it.
We have to play along with the prompt, you don't need to list them according to how they were written

But all the same, I still talked about the prompt.
The prompt gave me an idea of what I talked about.

Now about the free education that you mentioned, it won't lower the standard of education, can you compare the standard of Education in Finland to that of Havard University and some prestigious international universities??

I appreciate your comment and I hope you reply to my question, thank you bro