What to do when bad days get really lengthy.

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When you go on the internet, there are several motivational speakers, telling you how to get better and how to get through a difficult time, they make it seem so easy for one to get through an extremely rough phase, but they do not really mention how difficult it is or how difficult it would be to get through a rough phase.


Of course, we know that tough days would not last forever and there will always be breakthroughs at the end of the tunnel, but the process of difficulty is always not easy too and a lot of people do not talk about that part of life.

Speaking in fact, bad days are long and one could get really hopeless during bad days. After listening to some motivational quotes and you have practiced what the motivational speaker has instructed, but things are still not working as well as planned, you must bear in mind these factors;

  • Success will not happen over the night: The moment after listening to a motivational speech, you begin to think that some sort of magic is simply allowed and expected to happen and when it does not happen, you feel helpless and hopeless.
    In reality, you need to put in the work, or else nothing is going to change or happen. After listening to a certain motivation, make effort to also put in the required effort you can reap from later in the future.


  • Take lessons from your struggle: Do not think that bad moments are only happening for the sake of it, through every bad time that happens, there are generated lessons from them. Instead of waiting for some magic and getting worried through the situation, pick out lessons from the situation and just move on to become better.

  • You will be able to appreciate good times: With the experience of a bad time, comes the ability to appreciate good days when it comes. When there is hunger, here is an appreciation of little opportunities.

  • Life is not perfect and will never be: Regardless of how much your needs are met, you will always desire more, so do not allow your happiness to be based on your initial desire or emotions. For instance, you are sad because you do not have a car, the day you buy the car, you become really excited, until the day the car begins to give some serious issues and you do not have the funds to repair, then you get back into your sad zone until something else comes up.

Focus your happiness on your existence itself and not based on your expectation. Constantly placing your happiness on the things to come will deprive you of so many good things in life.

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