If you are not recognised in your career field, you are definitely in the wrong profession

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There are many talented people out there that are not even aware of their talent due to some factors, it may be their location that doesn't give them the chance to try out their skills or provide where they can practice what they are good at, some people don't have the means and what it takes to involve in that thing they are talented at....


This is how many dreams and talent are killed, lack of resources, lack of a chance to prove themselves! I know many people that their talent and skills are wasting because of what i mentioned above.....

Christiano Ronaldo and messi are the best footballer in the world but do you know there is someone who could be better than them but just lack the privilege to be on that field to prove himself to the world, some have this talent but are busy pursuing something else because all they think about is how to survive and not to nurture the talent they have...

Imagine someone who have to feed himself and his family, will such a person be thinking about spending his whole day playing football on the field? ofcourse not, you will see such person engaging in different jobs to get money and lock away that big talent inside him, people with undiscovered talent are very rampant in this world....Even you reading this post, you don't think you know your greatest talent because you have not really tested everything...


Three days ago, i went out with families and i tried playing the snooker game there and guess what? it was my first time but the pro players were wondering if it was really my first time because of how i skillfully handle the snooker stick and how i aim at the ball, and when i net some balls into the hole, the person in charge of the game was like he is impressed and he is sure if i keep playing this, i will be a badass player if i can be this good on my first trial....

Many years ago too, i loved playing games, just mention the game, super mario, contra, battle city, tank, bomber man, mortal kombat, pes, fifa and so many more, i am just a lover of games and i am very competitive when playing games that i like to make sure i am better than my opponent, it became much more interesting when the play station was launched and we started playing loser play and even gambling on soccer, and for you not to lose your money, you must be better than your opponent!


These inspire you to play more games, learn more skills so your opponent can fear you and always think twice before challenging you..... and in my area back then, i was among the top players when it comes to playing play station ....

This same love of game is now what is helping me on the hive blockchain, even though i don't like the game splinterlands at the beginning nor was i interested in playing it, but as my friend xawi keeps teasing and tormenting me, i decided to try it out, i quit like 2 times selling off my asset because i don't understand it but what will be will be, i eventually try it again one very last time and i got the hang of the game...

That was the beginning of my journey in the game and i had days which i want to fling my laptop because i kept losing so much, days of setting alarm to play tournament in the midnight, days i had to practice with other top players and as time ticks on, i became better and here i am today, manager of some top project on both hive blockchain and outside the hive blockchain!

From not understanding the game to becoming one of the top players rocking the game.... Glad i didn't give up....

Just call me Burl.

I am a gamer, motivational speaker and a crypto enthusiast

Discord: burlarj#8326
Twitter id: burlarj1
Telegram: burlarj
God exist, i am a living testimony
Giving up is not an option, every hustler has a pay day
Don't wish for it, Make it happen

 2 months ago  

There is no victory without a history. Every great fellow today surely must have started somewhere, discover their talented areas and dwell on them.

I got motivated reading how you pondered on your hobby and making goodies out of it being the best version of yourself.

Thanks for sharing

 2 months ago  

yea, every great man have a story to tell, story from bottom to the top, from zero to hero and their power lies in their self confidence and not giving up during their toughest trial!

thanks man...

you're very correct about how there are a lot of hidden talents that didn't blossom due to lack of opportunity. I was going to tackle you on this statement

Christiano Ronaldo and Messi are the best footballers in the world but do you know there is someone who could be better than them but just lack the privilege to be on that field to prove himself to the world

but then I read it again and realized you said could be lolz. Yeah, there are probably others who could be if they'd gotten the opportunity. But they didn't, Messi and Ronaldo did and they've worked incredibly hard for years to make sure that they've consistently remained one of the best.


 2 months ago  

lol yes, i guess the could saved me from your fury😁 but yea there really could be because there are many skillful players in the ghetto who never get the chance to prove themselves to the world


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 2 months ago  

You are very right burl
Some people are just in the wrong places struggling due to the inability to discover where to function effectively. It's very important one discover his or right Career for a better result

 2 months ago  

yes those who find their talent and utilize it are the luckiest because they are moving forward everyday

 2 months ago  

This is inspiring and a story that passes the message never to give up.

The situation of the country is not helping a lot of talented people, you need to fill your belly before you can exhibit your talent. The race for survival has even made many people forget that they even have a talent.

In your case, you found the stage to grow with your talent and you took it, here you are today.

 2 months ago  

honestly nigeria is killing talents, people don't even care, they just want to survive... Yea i count my self lucky

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 2 months ago  

Gam boy ✊, I had a friend just like you who plays games like his live depends on it. Thank God your love for games actually helps put food on your table.

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