Geniune happiness for me

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In life we initially finds our happiness in many things but often it happens that we starts feeling happiness in small things and sometimes in great things which we think will give us happiness. When we get it, we don't feel happiness. In fact, happiness is related to our peace of mind. Whatever gives us peace is also our happiness.

Some people say that a person can be happy alone and maybe they are telling the truth because everyone has their own opinion. K feels like that a person cannot be happy alone. Let suppose if I had a lunch at a restaurant alone. I don't have anyone to talk. I feel bored definitely. But if I go to restaurant with my friend It will make my food even better. So for me, a good friend is a real happiness.

True happiness for me ❤️


I am now 22 years old and in almost all this time I have learned a lot but one thing I am very sure about is that I get true happiness from only one person other than my parents. I have a very good friend. We have been friends for almost seven years. Actually, we became friends in college. After that, we chose different universities, but even then we remained in touch.

In all the relationships I have made in my life, apart from my parents, it have cost me a lot, I was always busy trying to please others, but this has become the only relationship in my life that I have not had to make a lot of effort, but I got so much love and affection from hee that I don't feel the need to make another relationship. We do not choose happiness by will, but it is felt by itself and where we find peace, there we find the real happiness.


I have come to the conclusion that happiness should be found in positive things. Be with people who give you happiness and always support you in every difficulty while ignoring your flaws. People in the company of bad people may fall from their standards and cannot do anything good in life, while the company of good people gives us a lot of motivation and we have the passion to do something in life. Keep the environment good and bring positive people into your life and happiness will automatically come to you.

Thank you so much for reading my post. All the pictures are mine.

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Indeed, being with the right company and environment can make us happy.

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Yes you're absolutely right. Thank you for stopping by :)