A happy story? The only happy birthday!

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Never had a happy birthday perhaps except that one.
As if All these years, all my birthdays were ruined and of course was not celebrated either one way or another, except that one time... so that today I could write this story!!!
How amazing of a coincident!
Umm...it was my 25th birthday. That's the 2nd year of my professional life working for Refugees.

You have seen those background characters in Shounen/Shoujo Anime, right?
I am sort of that type of image even in my own story.
I have celebrated the main characters' birthdays all the time from school till university life. But I was barely remembered on my birthdays. And that is also because I was never, particularly anyone's best friend or even friend. It was always like this.
I was everyone's friend and nobody was my friend.
This is why I usually intentionally hide it even when people ask.
Because if I tell them, I would develop a desire to be wished for and remembered. And from previous experience, I know people will not remember and that will still hurt my expectation even though I tell myself I expect nothing from no one.
But deep inside I can not deny to myself that I excepted!

Anyhow, not to mention my "so-called" friends never remembered or celebrated or cared enough for my birthday, precisely there was no way a colleague whom I had barely known and only came together very recently, did not even talk about birth dates would go to such lengths of surprising me!

As humanitarian worker, our works are far more different than any other ordinary job.
At that time I was working with MSF (Medicines Sans Frontieres) with the Outreach team in a Refugee camp.
I was in charge of the Middle-zone with my other team partner Samrat.
Both of us distribute the vast area amongst our huge team to operate precisely.
(N.B. Refugee camps were distributed in 3 zones to cover the working area efficiently. North, Middle & South)

And on that day both of us had a field visit. On field visit days, we spend from morning to evening whole office hours inside the camp supervising our teams, engaging with the community, and coordinating with other INGOs in various camps.
Filed visit days are always terribly hectic, exhausting, and busy.
Specifically in that high-temperature summertime, walking all day under the sun talking, watching, and advising is extremely tiresome, I even hadn't recalled that it was my birthday.

I got a call from Samrat saying -
: "Hey bro, I am hungry. Let's go out of camp and have lunch"
: But if we go out of camp now, coming back will be a hassle. Why don't we have something random inside the camp"
: No worries, we will see that later!
: Ummm... (I was worried because MSF is famous for being punctual and precise about their employees, works and I adored MSF for that. So taking an extra hour for lunch could be an issue)
: (He understood my hesitation) Don't worry too much, come on!
: Alright, I will meet you there. (He has been the most reliable team partner I have ever had. And he doesn't want anything that often. So even if it will be a hassle I agreed)

And after I reached there I found the whole team! I meant team South and North too!
And not only we Zone-supervisors but our 3 Zone-manager as well!
When I asked line manager Judith, she said "We just thought of having lunch together today!"
I hadn't recalled it was my birthday till then.
Until they finally wished me altogether!

Heaven, I still shiver and my eyes tear up even now!

It was such a splendid joyous moment that I felt like this one birthday celebration made up of my all-uncelebrated birthdays!

Because I precisely know, to which extent all of these each person went to make an effort to wrap up work and come here together from who knows how far away their field visits were!

And because we work in a very remote place, Samrat couldn't find a mere cake! He went too far away to search but still failed.

68436819_434269517167290_6057434905762070528_n.jpgThe ice-cream cake!

So to makeup, he bought some ice cream and mixed it together, froze it in freeze to give it a cake shape!
"Oh dear lord, what have I done to deserve such affection from a mere colleague?! when did he planned all of these!"
I was in awe!
And the rest of the day was as beautiful.
we ate lunch.
Even later, we had lot of fun as it doesn't happen that often of us 3 zones meeting and having a relax time!
Judith indulging my childish fun with me

Even after office, Samrat demanded to treat him. So we went on roaming around a little.
photo_2022-08-16_22-26-53.jpgTalked, ate more even though both of us were full, and laughed a lot.

And on our way, we met some of the other colleagues, and even though I forbade Samrat he kept telling everyone about the birthday.
Some of them even treat me to juice and food.
They even understood my uneasiness of acceptance so kept telling "Hey! Don't think too hard! It is your day girl! Just accept and enjoy to the fullest. It doesn't come every day!"
I end up thanking everyone only.

Even now, while writing and reminiscing, I am grinning from ear to ear!
Such a fond memory that will be engraved in my mind till I die.

Thank you #hivelearners! It felt amazing to write and reminisce about that moment.

 2 months ago  

Dear @fahmidamou, I am so happy for you. I used to feel like this in the past because I always went all out for my friends on their birthdays but they wouldn't do same for me on mine. Thanks goodness! Just like you, I found a friend in the least expected person and since last year, my birthday has been memorable.

I'm glad your co-workers celebrated you and made your day a great one. Though I don't even know when exactly this happened, permit me to join them and say Happy birthday dear @fahmidamou .

 2 months ago  

Haha! It feels even embarrassing to say that put loud. But guess it happens with some. 😆

I am glad eventually you found someone as well. 😊
Thank you very much. Wishes for you that you gather more nice souls like that 😇

Happy birthday 🎉🎂.(Late I guess 🌚😬)

 2 months ago  

Well this is just a story of the past.
Thank you though (This time, it’s has passed not too long ago)

Having great colleagues are the best gift we can have when it comes to work, because they can make the job really stressful and frustrating. But in your case, you have the very best. There is nothing like being with people who just want you to be happy on your special day. It's really beautiful.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

 2 months ago  

Indeed which makes it a gem because of it’s rarity!
It is extremely rare to find team partners, senior, junior not to be hostile or back biting kind.
It is perhaps the Organisation's environment that made us this way 💜

 2 months ago  

Truly such memories are never forgotten and stay with us for whole life
Thank you very much for sharing with us

 2 months ago  

Very much.
Thank you

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I don't know about you but looking at smudged faces gives me a disturbing feeling. Two suggestions:

  1. It is not that you haven't shared your face on your blog. You have. Multiple times. Your profile picture shows your face. So there is no need to hide your face.

  2. If the other's face you are uncomfortable in sharing/showing, you can just not post those pictures.

It just looks odd from my point of view.

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The reason is none of it however I understand the concern.
Thank you