Cashews-nut Salad! An untold lovestory!

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As you are well-informed folks, it's a #Creative-Sunday time! 🥳
Before you settle your hopes in delight for learning an amazing recipe, I have to stop you right there!
It is not a recipe for "Cashew-nut salad" but rather an untold love story. Which was born, grew up, and unfortunately went to heaven without reaching its climax! 😪

I will try to confide that sweet love story through MEME.
Let us begin!

A long time ago...
in a village called #Hivelearners, there lived a youthful bunch of people.
Like any other day... in the HL neighborhood, as usual, DLMMQB was randomly throwing some pizzas and kitties at others!
And Peter Parker who is both bored of eating pizza and overflowed by stocking kitty from a really long time demanded DLMMQB to provide him "Cashew nut Salad!"


At that time, Finguru and Mou were around. At some point 4 of them decided to eat Cashew nut Salad.
Both of them became excited to try this new food. Specifically, Mou as she is a solely hedonistic foody.
But then they couldn't decide to order what flavor.

Hearing upon them, Mou wondered why she still didn't try this delicious food!
And because the cost will be distributed amongst them so she asked Peter Parker about the price.

After hearing the price, she thought "It is impossible to eat the creamy dreamy Cashew nut salad!"
As she is almost broke from being jobless for a long time.
How devastating!


She made an excuse and left them without eating.
Then she began to work hard to save some hive with firm resolution.
Her dream to enjoy that blissful Cashew-nut salad must wait a little longer.
Hence she finally saved some hive!

Unfortunately, there were so many due bills of house rent, fees, service charges, and many other things to be taken care of!


Eventually, that girl couldn't break free of the circle of "Save hive -Pay bills- Save hive" in her lifetime.

Hopefully, she went to heaven and was able to eat God gifted Cashew-nut salad!

Background of the story-
The story was built based on a true event 😂
And that mere comment of Peter Parker triggered a long discussion having a result of this creativity of mine! 😂
Because Cashew-nut salad is real expensive in our country.

I am an incredible enthusiast of memes but I possess little skill in me to create one!
This is why my own little success and creativity from time to time, makes me very thrilled like this one 😇

Hope you laughed a little!
Have a nice day/night and laugh more 💙


What’s Forest Gump’s password?

Credit: reddit
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I finally saw the nutchew jokes xD

 last month  

Now it got a good name 🤣
Name the next pizza or kitty nutchew 🤣