Dark-magics of my kitchen-1: Fastest, effortless, yet delicious?

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One of the laziest souls on earth trying to be creative here! Nice!
But well, once in a while deviating from the usual self is not bad!

I believe it is going to be the cheapest and fastest beef curry in history!

Brace yourself! (and mother forgive me for being such a catastrophic cook)

Well, I never take pride in that I am a good cook. I barely cook when it's almost the end of the world, like my stomach, is growling for days. Eventually, when my brain threaten me that it'll stop working if I don't provide food to my stomach anytime soon!
And that has to be a fairly cooked and warm meal!
How audacious! Those bunch of selfish stupid hooligans!

Anyway so as I was saying, I barely cook.
I am renowned for beef-freak amongst my peers!
Yet I can count how many times I have cooked beef myself. Perhaps 3/4 times in the last 5/6/years!
Hence, today is one of those venus-transit days!

The most effortless, instant yet delicious way to cook beef I have made! Don't forget folks, this is just "edible-but-tasty-enough" not the ideal one.

  • Mince the onions into the thinnest pieces.
    I use sunflower oil usually for cooking (Though the majority in this country use Soybean-oil)
  • Warm the oil in slow ignition and spread the onions inside. Keep heating it until it gets a brownish color.
    IMG_20220807_190522.jpg This dreamy brownish color!
  • Then add small pieces of cinnamon, and cardamon in it. Once you feel the fragrance is filling the atmosphere, it's time to add the rest of the powdered spices.
  • In one pot, mix the powdered Cumin, Coriander, Ginger, and Red chili with some water. (Or a rather quicker way to buy "Meat mix" spices and just add 3/4 teaspoon with water.)
    These measurements?
    No idea! Just the hunch! I
    know it sounds absurd but that's how it is.

You just trust your right hand and that's all for the tricks!

(Small amount cumin, 2/3 teaspoon coriander, and red Chili according to your taste)
Anyway add the soupy spices with the onion and wait for 2/3 minutes until it becomes sticky and gravy.

You can smell the fragrance just by looking at it, can't you!

  • Add the meat. Mix it with a big spoon with the spices properly. After a couple of minutes add potato!
    (Uhhh...my favorite part of the cooking!
    (What is more delicious than beef curry? The potato of the beef curry!)
    Ufff...look at the contrast!
  • Keep stirring the potatoes, beef, and spices with a big spoon until all the gravy shreds are gone and the curry almost starts to burn!
    Then add water.
    I love the broth of beef curry.
    So I tend to add an unnecessary amount of water but usually, perhaps 7/8 cups of fresh water are aqueduct.
    Ahh the broth! Don't droll!
  • Increase the ignition a little to boil. The intention is to boil the meat and potatoes properly while increasing the condiment
    And then go take a nap for half an hour!
    And there it is!
    Potato-beef curry is all set to be served with warm rice!
    Ohhh damn! Did I forget SALT!!!
    Yes! Do not miss to add salt after you add the water to boil it!

Do tell me how it tastes if you ever try this recipe! Hope you had a nice weekend! 😇

 2 months ago  

Sometimes we are so lazy don't even want to stride but want a meal at our service.
I am also in search of such instant but yummy recipes. Your recipe is one of them. It's very simple to make. I will try it.

 2 months ago  

Same goes for me. 😆
Do drop if you have something like this as well!
Have a nice day

 2 months ago  

Yeh sure. Very soon
Thank you so much

I think we are the same. I don’t cook unless it is terribly bad and I am almost close to dying. That’s when I would cook or instead order for food. Because I don’t cook often, I cannot boast of my cooking.

I love meals with pieced meats. It’s so attractive.

 2 months ago  

And if I can afford to order, I NEVER cook 😆
Only when I am broke as fuck and almost on the verge of can't function, only then.

However, I do have a knack to cook perhaps a natural gift 😆 no matter how effortless it is, it always turns out to be fairly edible.

 2 months ago (edited) 

This looks amazing @fahmidamou

I know you said you don't cook much but next time, please try listing out the ingredients first, that way someone else can easily give it a try 😅

 2 months ago  

Thank you.

Ohh I mentioned the ingredients in-between the steps. So then I have to give a list before separately?

 2 months ago  

Yeah it's best to list out the ingredients first.. But it's alright, there's nothing wrong with the way you did yours. 😅

 2 months ago  


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 2 months ago  

This looks delicious 😋 can I have some😁😁

 2 months ago  

It is trust me 🤤
Ohh yes you can if you can make it to my home or if you invite in yours to ccok 🤭

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