W/22- STRESS COPING?- Work on damn Entropy!

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Everything just keeps getting worse and it's as if there is no end in sight to the struggles.
Like we studied in physics about entropy!

I am a master of stress management. No, my friends, not bragging at all.

I was a peoples-manager for a long time and not in any normal corporate office.
In a humanitarian crisis, Refugee context with the International organization.
And I have been always admired for being precise and perfectionist in my work.
So perhaps you can at least comprehend leading, managing, and coordinating various kinds of STRESSED people from several departments is no joke.
Needless to say you MUST learn STRESS-COPING for any unpredictable emergency.

Even then... I too lose it sometimes.
In some circumstances, I just snapped out of stress before I could realize it.
And if I think back, I realize I had absolutely lost it only when I decide there is no way for "COPING" here anymore.
Or to be blunt, the motherfucker just won't understand the gentleman's language.
I tell you I am one of the nicest people you would ever meet and I am a great fan of chivalry.
However, I live in a society.

And my own actions, and interpretation of circumstances are never enough to keep calm and sustain peace.

If another party is not relevantly adjustable.
We even had a conversation this evening with my folk that "these days, people are becoming more aggressive, lacking to conserve patience, consideration, being unnecessarily selfish.
And that's affecting relations, environment, thyself negatively.

I believe the first step before coping with stress, should be- Don't cause stress for others
Stress is not a single emotion.
It is just a consequence of inappropriate, wrong activities.
The negative consequences are increasing stress only. Once you block those roads, the overflowing stress lost its way eventually. Yet, unfortunately, no one will stop for a minute and ponder-

  • How about I be calm, and try to understand the circumstance instead of showing off the power?
  • How about I withdraw this once instead of being opinionated?
  • How about I put myself in their shoes instead of dropping a judgment?
  • Why not I become forgiving this time instead of being resentful

Stop feeling unpleasant emotions that only stir up more negativity inside you.

I have developed this belief from the experience that "Regardless of how a people's nature is, they will unfold to you the way you want and treat them" A person may be bad to others but it is not necessary to be bad towards you as well.
Always seek goodness in people.
Now you might say, how about the stress we are struck by fate or by reality or my god himself?

  • You studied hard but didn't get to admit to your dream university? Stressed!!!
  • You are competent in your job but still, the employer is not happy? Stressed!!!
  • You work hard to maintain the expectations but still, it seems not enough. Stressed!!!
  • You made the wrong decision? Stressed!!!
  • You miscalculated the notch? Stressed!!!
    Others many more.....

Hold on!
Stop there!
Folk seriously stop right there!

Stop making yourself responsible for everything you don't have control over.

Please remember as long as you make your honest efforts...
Notice the word!
I said "honest efforts" not "the best efforts"
As long as you make your honest efforts, that is all there to be counted.

Do not stress over something or someone, where your honest efforts are not enough.

If you are a believer, believe in God.
If you are not a believer, believe in physics, mathematics!

Because either way, as I said before, you live amidst others.
Those others are connected to you even a stray dog or a tree by the road and even a stranger you will never know in a lifetime.
Henceforth, their actions, interpretations, and interruptions will make a difference that is beyond your control.

Thus, think good, do good, and feel good.
The only way to live a stress-free life.
And if you need further elaboration or have a point of discussion, do reach me out.

Wish you a stress-free day and laugh more 🥳


One of the most decent blogs I have read this week or even the last one.
Stress is the killer, I admit. But there are some points where you cannot but stress yourself and you simply don't get past its grasp unless you are squeezed out and left to dry all by yourself.
It's a part of life and we shouldn't be concerned too much about it.

 2 months ago  

Thanks folk😇

Yes, just stop stressing over stress or stress coping. Sometimes you just cannot do neither coping nor resolve. Then just move on, forgive, not regretting.
Like any other, it's also part of life. Having this acceptance is more than enough.

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Stress can be an accumulation of little things into one giant thing that will just want to suffocate you. Can be mind-numbing at times, and figuring out the source of the stress is always important in curbing it.
Thank you for sharing this with us.

 2 months ago  

And stress can always lead to unnecessary paranoia which eventually only causes more stress.
So yes, sorting the root is basic. Sometimes just things are so messy that we tend to miss the basics in bewteen