Spend More Time With GenZ To Learn Content Creation

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I was born in the early 90s so I am a late millennial. That makes me very close to Generation Z (GenZ) aka Zoomers (born 1997 onwards). Maybe that's the reason why I find young people more relatable & interesting than people who are elder than me. I admire this group the most because they are naturally talented at creating and sharing content online as compared to their previous generations. They have the drive, passion, and skills to do it well. Most importantly, they have been so lucky to be around mobile & internet at such a young age.

As a creator, I tend to spend more time with them and you should too if you are interested in becoming a damn good one. And if you're wondering why this is true, here are some reasons:

GenZ Embraces Online Culture

You may not realize it, but young people have had a lot of experience creating content. They understand their audiences well and unintentionally learn online psychology from a very young age. They're comfortable using social media apps and tools that allow them to share information with others, as well as communicate in groups and work collaboratively.

They know all the latest trends, how to find them, become a part of them, and even how to create them. They've developed their own writing style while posting updates or status updates on these platforms. And they've learned how to use hashtags and emojis when expressing themselves in an online space. I still don't know how to edit a sexy tik tok and my 15-year niece does it in a few minutes.

Young people also know how easy it is for anyone with access to the Internet can create content these days - whether it's through blogging or vlogging (video blogging). All you need is a device (Phone or Laptop) and an internet connection. So if you're looking for someone who knows how content creation works online, look no further than your GenZ mates around!

They Are Naturally Tech Savvy

You may think that this is a given, but it's not. Young people are more tech-savvy than older generations because they have grown up with technology. That has given them an unfair advantage over others.

These kids have experienced the internet from their childhoods and have been exposed to mobile devices, social media, and online gaming since the early 2000s at least. They've grown up with digital cameras and editing software for their entire lives - so why wouldn't they be good at using these tools?

They Are Not Afraid To Take Risks

Young people are natural risk-takers. They are more willing to try new things, and they don’t think twice before jumping in. This is why a lot of the most successful young content creators turned their passions into full-time jobs, even if it meant taking a big risk at the time. This is an advantage in the content creation industry.

GenZ has a sense of adventure. As kids, we were always trying out new things, exploring our surroundings, and having fun with friends. It was only when we grew up that responsibility took over our lives and we stopped having as much fun or so it seems! A lot of young content creators keep this spirit alive by doing activities that interest them personally or professionally.

They aren’t afraid to fail (and learn from it). Creating content is difficult because there are plenty of ways you can get it wrong, from bad camera angles to lighting issues or awkward pauses in your speech during filming or writer's block but learning how best to fix these problems helps you become better at what you do over time, which will increase your chances of success. GenZ has the energy and enthusiasm to keep doing it until they hit it.

They Passionately Pursue Their Interests & Talent

While there are many factors that play into the success of a content creator, I think the most important one is passion. Passion means being in love about what you do, not just in the sense that you enjoy it and want to keep doing it (although this is certainly true), but also because your mindset and approach to creating content have been shaped by your desire to create something of value for others. GenZ has better opportunities to purse their passions. The Internet has made it possible for them to learn anything online, get better and become a pro with a minimum amount of monetary investment.

Not only does passion drive young people toward learning new skills and experimenting with their work, but it also helps them put themselves out there as creators. Even when that means making mistakes along the way.

They Understand 'Content Is King' & Prove It To Be True

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king.” It's a popular phrase in marketing and PR, because it's true: In today's tech-savvy world, people are looking for information (and entertainment) on their phones and computers, not on TV or radio. The only way to reach them is if you get your message into the right format first—and that means content. GenZ understands this!

They generally don't have the money to invest in big setups when they start. So they focus on creativity first and the rest of the things can come later on. And that's why you often see new faces emerge as heroes and take over everyone's timeline even if there are well-established creators who have the best resources and tools to manage their operations.


We know that the world is changing and it’s difficult to keep up with the new technology, but we can always learn from others. I hope this article helps you understand why GenZ is so good at content creation and gives you some insight into how they are leading the creator economy.

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 9 months ago  

GenZ is a very blessed generation because we have all the access around the world compared to the previous ones. Thus, we're lucky because we, young people have plenty of opportunities online like blogging in Hive. Love this content!

 9 months ago  

Thank you so much bro. I think our future is in good hands. There is so much to learn from you guys :'))

 9 months ago  

I couldn't agree more. These days the young generation are at the top in the tech world and the entertainment world.
They know how to keep the viewers hooked and that is something I think I need to learn.

 9 months ago  

Same here!!! Young peeps come up with new creative ideas to keep their audiences hooked. Definitely, something to learn from them.

 9 months ago  

I love you this write-up, you are very right about Genz, even with new technology coming up, it's still understandable to the Genz.👍👍

 9 months ago  

Thanks a lot @treasuree. They get technology and love using it to uplift their lives.

 9 months ago  

That's a good one.

That's a nice variation to the 'weak generation' stigma older generations usually place on GenZ in particular. GenZ has its own strengths. Time will tell if they are worthy or not.

 9 months ago  

Haha. Most oldies do that including my mum! The only reason why a generation is weaker is because of their previous generation. So it's on them. 🤤😂

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 9 months ago  

I still consider myself to be part of GenZ because I'm in my late 20s. I think that sophistication got better and the younger generations are more innovative because of the sophistication that happened due to being born in such a century. It's a blessing to be part of this tech-enabled world, where we can easily create something out of nothing.

 9 months ago  

That's awesome bro. You are still very young. I would call myself old when I turn 50 or something. 😂

And I fully agree with you - right now is the greatest time to be alive. :')

Yay! 🤗
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That was a powerful analysis of GenZ. The generation that seeks to work smart than hard. The nerdy generation. The only worry I have about the generation is always wanting to get things in the "NOW". Just a few understand that time is a denominator that should heal some of life's quest.



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 9 months ago  

The advantage of this generation is just the age and eagerness they are putting towards their efforts online and one of the limiting factors allot of people had while growing in former generation is that getting an internet to browse is like digging for gold(so I won't really say this generation is more intelligent) they are just lucky

And everyone tends to get a piece or two gadgets for their kids so they can feel among... Thanks for sharing 💕