Writing Tips They Don't Teach You In School!

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After studying various forms of digital writing over the past 6 months, I have come up with a slick list of writing tips that no school would teach you.

I will keep this short and sweet. Let's go!

  1. Final draft = Last draft - 10% words. You won't believe how much you can say with a set of few words. That's why I always edit and cut the extra junk out of my blogs. Just remember, less is more!

  2. Share what you learn. There will always be people who are behind you and they are looking for someone who can help them get one step ahead. Sharing your journey, personal failures, and successes will make you relatable.

  3. Show up every day and write no matter how lazy or demotivated you are. Write for at least 10 mins to rewire your brain. Practice makes a man perfect.

  4. Also, take frequent breaks to avoid burnout. Showing up everyday doesn't help if your mental health is affected. When you recharge, go all in to try all the new ideas.

  5. Take inspiration from other creators on Twitter & Instagram. Deepstash.com is a great resource to find interesting ideas in your domain. I use it everyday.

  6. Write to a single person, talk about one topic and solve one problem. Think about what's in it for them and they will fall in love with you.

  7. Digital Writing is not a boasting competition about your language skills. Explain everything like your reader is five years old. (ELI5). Be clear, not just clever.

  8. Read loudly what you write or do it in your brain. You can edit way better doing this because you will hear the fluff that's not required in your draft.

  9. Use bullet points, numbered lists & Post Script (P.S.) to focus on the most important parts of your writing. It will help readers to skim quickly & extract more value.

  10. Use storytelling to create emotion in your writing. It will create curiosity and keep your reader engaged. Add visuals to enhance the overall experience.

Which one did you like the most? Comment below!

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We learn at school but funny enough, what makes us rich are things we learn on base on our personal experience