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*Have you seen a man skillful at his
He will stand before kings;
he will
not stand before common.

A quote from the holy book.

In order for one to be successful hardwork and determination is required. But why hardwork and not talent?
Everybody has talent because it's inborn it becomes useful when you find it out and work with it. If you have talent and you are lazy, that talent will take you no where take for instance a musician or an artist if he or she doesn't put effort and determination into whatever he believes is his talent he will achieve nothing. And the world we live in today if you have talent and you are not connected to the right people there is nothing for you, so all of this balls down to hard work.

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I graduated from school since 2020 and since then I haven't use my certificate to earn a better living just as it is said that education is the key to success but I was shocked to realize that the " Government and those in high places are with the padlock".

so what is left of me?

Should I seat down and keep waiting for them to create job opportunity for me? NO !!
I'm in the street not in the office working to earn a decent living I do various this to earn. I know I was talented but I needed to keep my talent up to date I needed to upgrade my talent and I needed to be different in how I do it( all thanks to my education for that) so I enrolled to learn a skill even before I graduated from school.
I'm glad to say I'm good at what I do and I keep making efforts to be better at it.
I'm proudly a makeup artist and a hairstylist.

Because I kept working hard to improve on myself and my skill I have the admiration of some even people who I thought are better than me.

Here are some of my works.





This is dreadlocks

One lady who is also a beautician asked that I put her through some style and help her improve

Now tell me, if I don't work hard for them would I get people admiration, referral and complement?
With my skill I earn more in a week then what someone who seats in the office earn if I have client because some days are good while some are not.

With regards to my opening words about someone who is skillful? I talk to people who are way older than me and they respect my opinion they listen when I talk because they know I'm knowledgeable about what I'm saying.

I'm not in the office today like the way I always imagined my life to be, but I'm in my shop and sometimes in the market running errands for people. Yes! I have an online store where I sell fabrics and I get demand often and that's my office trying to earn every penny and I'm content with it.

So if you ask me what works for me?
I would say hardwork.

Yes hard work plus determination to be better plus consistency is all equal to my success.

Hardwork+determination+consistency + God's Grace=success.

So in other to be successful one need to work hard and smart or else you just get tired of everything and grow old quickly 😄 it's not just only by hard work but by God's Grace.

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A gift without hardwork won't be productive at all, I am really glad you realized the people at the top don't have any good thoughts for you.

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Wow it’s good to know hardwork is working for you and you are doing great and I will say that dread looks amazing.

That’s a nice handwork you get.

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beautiful handwork you have dear i know of some people who finished the university and are still at home hoping to get a job with their certificate but while not do something while waiting they will tell you i cant do that kind of job the salary is not up to my standard then you prefer begging. big kudos to my dear for not folding your hands and waist for government work

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Thank you

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Oh these are vital tools to become successful. Hard work, determination and consistency. I really believe in consistency. Start small. Continue. Do it well. Do it better. Do it every day and you'll become a “beast” in what you do.

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Thanks for stopping by favour.
Nice tips