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Just as we have different feelings about different things, so we have different kinds of feelings about different scenes. But just as we as human beings are different, the things we like are also different and different things make us feel different.

It is noteworthy that the scenes that I enjoy so much that others do not enjoy at all. In fact, this is one of the examples that makes the difference between us and our feelings. So the things I like about others that they like, it's not right to think or think at all. Because one's tastes and feelings depend on one's own characteristics.

As a kid, I used to think about a lot of things like this. The food I like the most, why doesn't my brother do it. Sometimes I wondered why he did not like it? Why does he dislike this food? I didn't just think about it, to be honest, sometimes I was angry with him.


But I am now able to grasp the reality or the main thing and understand it quite well that just as we are different because of different characteristics, so are our tastes and feelings different.

However, the main point of today's writing is my good feelings about rain and nature. Yes, This is something I really enjoy, the rain and the green nature. I think one is very close to the other, because one effect makes the other very fresh and lively and it is more enjoyable for us. I really enjoy the rain scenes, and then if I get a chance to stay in the green nature or rural environment, it is the most enjoyable for me.


I don't think too much about rain or the effects, because in my thoughts only the feeling of feeling is effective and the thought of keeping the feelings fresh with a clean breath in a green environment is only active.

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আমি মোঃ হাফিজ উল্লাহ, চাকুরীজীবী। বাংলাদেশী হিসেবে পরিচয় দিতে গর্ববোধ করি। বাঙালী সংস্কৃতি ও ঐতিহ্য লালন করি। ব্যক্তি স্বাধীনতাকে সমর্থন করি, তবে সর্বদা নিজেকে ব্যতিক্রমধর্মী হিসেবে উপস্থাপন করতে পছন্দ করি। পড়তে, শুনতে এবং লিখতে ভালোবাসি। নিজের মত প্রকাশের এবং অন্যের মতামতকে মূল্যায়নের চেষ্টা করি। ব্যক্তি হিসেবে অলস এবং ভ্রমন প্রিয়।


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Beautiful Green Nature

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