Meme Madness: How I Survive and Thrive During the Weekends

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On weekends, talking about weekend there's definitely something special about it. Most of us do wait for it so when weekend finally arrive and we follow whatever plan or to-do list. it is mostly we can relate with others.

So, This time I thought to make a weekend meme edition to represent how it goes on. I'm sure you'll find some of memes relateable ahead.

Weekends Back then Vs Now

First of all, our weekends back in childhood were totally whole different vibe. I used to wait for when it will arrive and excitement was way different than now.

Back then, it was PC games or having more time to play in real life sport with frens.

Now it's like weekends are to complete your sleep and doing rest but well, sleeping is fun too when...

When You Got Neighbors who...

Neighbors who have different plans for your weekend sleep plan like

Always coming up with something new to make weekends more exciting.

Escaping Normal Routine

I try to change my routine on weekends like replacing with other works such as going out, reading and more without sticking to mobile whole day.

Touching the Grass is real

A version of replacing routines and touching the grass, doing stuff that makes you feel better and you like instead of same thing we do everyday. I have a weekend spot where I usually go and spend some time.

The Workout Personality

The masculine urge of doing workout on weekends and skipping the legs day cuz you know tomorrow is Monday and you've to go to work and other stuff.

The one thing I always do on weekends is watching movies or series like binge watch when I've not got anything else to do.

Even though nowadays my Exams are going but on weekends I have so far finished S3 and watching middle of seasons 4 of prison break.

The Sunday Night be Like

After all, the last thing is when I've to sleep and Sunday nights hit different when you realize tomorrow is Monday and workdays will be back.

I guess most of us can relate with this and Monday's mostly goes quite lazy or it's just me?

Wrapping up...

Well, this is how my weekends are and never felt bored spending it like this way. it all matters if you're happy with it and I'm.

Though, let me know which one of the meme you found most relateable in this edition.


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 4 months ago  

Hahah... You memer. You should already be the ambassador of Meme lovers on the blockchain. Haha.

Weekends are always like that. I like that particular meme about how we stay on bed on Sunday nights hoping for Monday the never come 😂

 4 months ago  

Meme ambassador Haha... Bruh, Thanks foooor boosting mah confidence.

I like that particular meme about how we stay on bed on Sunday nights hoping for Monday the never come

Hahaha, literally my scenarios right now... have to study from Monday and thinking about it at 12am !LOL

To err is human.
To arrrgh is pirate.

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@kenechukwu97, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @idksamad78699



interesting Meme post my friend... how you get all this??

 4 months ago  

Glad you liked it mate.

I thought of ideas first and then searched for meme templates to create those by my own.

too relatable that last meme, Sundays can just be so sad when sleeping just to back into the grind, it was happier times as kids truly but now we gotta do what needs to be done. thanks for these fun meme though, this was an entertaining read 😄

 4 months ago  

True, feels the same way!

Even right now... Whole Weekends back then being kid were just Awesome days and memories now!

Glad to hear you liked em. Thank you so much. Means a lot and really appreciate.

Lol, bro, its just same for me. Whenever I think the weekend will be for resting, life give me surprises.

 4 months ago  

Hahaha, every single time !LOL

What were restaurants called during the Jurassic?

Credit: reddit
@tekraze, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @idksamad78699

Rumor has it The LOLZ Project runs on !PIZZA

 4 months ago  

Awesome meme, quite relatable

 4 months ago  

Thanks... Glad you liked em.


 4 months ago  

I don't make any plans for weekend. I tried to be more active in this platform in the time of weekend and I think it's the only thing I do in weekend time.

 4 months ago  

Mah, only plan most of time is to get enough sleeep. Rest, goes on with the flow.

That's nice to be active.. most of peeps get time on the weekends to catch up with stuff here.. feels good!



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