Photography of beautiful flowers in the garden

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Hello friends everything.


Hello all dear friends.
I really hope everyone is in good health always and always successful for all friends wherever you are.

I'm back in this beloved community for me to show you everything about my photography to all my friends who are here with me.

And the flower that I show you is a pink frangipani flower and it looks very beautiful and charming, and I really like seeing flowers as beautiful as this.

And I see this beautiful flower has some very tempting colors like yellow and white and also pink like the one in my picture.

And many people say this flower plant is a plant in the grave because there are many plants there, even though I am very interested in this beautiful flower.

And this flower plant is also very widely planted in homes because of its very beautiful shape and color.
So let us all not be curious about some of the pictures that I have taken, let's see below some pictures.


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WhatsApp Image 2022-01-25 at 19.16.57(1).jpeg

Camera usedSony A5100
LocationAceh Indonesia

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 8 months ago  

Adenium flowers are very tempting.