A Fashion Story

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For the longest period of time, I didn’t care about how I looked, for me, fashion was a thing for the girly girls and I wasn’t one; growing up with three brother definitely did a number on me.

Due to this, most of the clothes I wore were either gifted to me or bought by my mother, even at the age of 16!, yes, I was in the university and I never bought any clothes for myself but, when I got to 18, I realized that I wasn’t a child anyone, I was a WOMAN and that meant I had to look good.


My university days.

At that age, I really wanted to try different things, discover my fashion style but, I wasn’t comfortable with my body and I opted for black clothing because it was said to be flattering to a bigger body.

I spent the longest time wearing black to the point that all my clothes were black, you can even check my threespeaks video, and whenever anyone wanted a “black clothing”, they come to me; crazy right?


My black phase.

Well, years past and I lost the weight, losing weight made me feel comfortable with my body but, I had only black clothing and I was sick of it, my comfort clothes became what made me uncomfortable.

Right now, I have discovered what I love and my fashion sense or style includes two pieces, gowns, crop tops and plain trousers; I especially love that combination, and also, I wear colors that make me look girly.



Currently, I am trying to change my wardrobe and it is the hardest thing ever but, I know one day I will get there.

Now, since we are talking about clothes I love to wear, I feel like we should talk about the ones I wouldn’t wear and they are a lot and if I want to write all I wouldn’t finish but to mention a few, they include, overly revealing clothes, over-covered clothes, neon-colored clothes, short shorts, see-through clothes, etc, these are a few but there are loads more.

This is an example.

Also, for clothes I wish I could wear but can’t, I think the only clothes I’ll love to wear but can’t are short dresses and knickers, the short dresses are because my state is very conservative and I hate the looks people get when they wear them and the knickers are because they always ride up due to my thighs which makes them pretty uncomfortable.

Regardless of all these, I feel like fashion is a way to express ourselves and definitely I won’t be judging anyone for wearing anything because one man’s meat is another man’s reject.



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 3 months ago  

Greetings @khaleesii ❤️💕

I love the fact that you were able to have a change in decision of your fashion sense when you turned 18 if not who knows what would have happened by now. Growing up around guys (your brothers) will definitely influence one behaviour or act and I'm glad you were able to standout.

It was really nice reading your content and I must say you look pretty in those pictures. I suggest you go for the next MBGN.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕😊💕

 3 months ago  

Thank you so much especially for the compliments, I am also glad I got to stand out.

 3 months ago  

You're welcome boss

 3 months ago  

Indeed one man's meat is another man's poison. I like your latter fashion. the plain jeans, crop top, and the little touches.... As long as one's intentions are good and is comfortable in them(not the revealing type though) then it's good

 3 months ago  

Thank you so much, gradually trying to figure things out and indeed comfort is key.

 3 months ago  


 3 months ago  

I wasn’t comfortable with my body and I opted for black clothing because it was said to be flattering to a bigger body.

Eweee, I learnt something from your post today. To me, I see black as heating and it doesn´t look cute on me. Though, I like it in trousers.

Seriously, I used to see those dressing on your status and I love them on you.

 3 months ago  

They are heating but they also do hide a lot of imperfections so most people wear them.

Thank you so much for the compliment.

 3 months ago  

You are welcome 🙂

 3 months ago  

Na because of una we no dey breathe well again...You be taking our breath away with beauty.

I think there actually are many people that have felt stigmatized about their body that they begin to box themselves to certain types or colors of clothings. It's a good thing you found yourself early enough to be open to brighter choices.

 3 months ago  

I am glad I could also get to a point where I was open to colors, Lord knows only wearing black isn't normal.