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Hello guys,

Assalamualaikum,How are you all?I wish all my friends are well and pass a good time. I am also well.Today I will share my first love story when I am 12 years old.Now let's enjoy my love story.

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It can come at any age. We don't have much idea about love in our childhood but we first learn about love by watching movies. I used to have various dreams in my mind after watching love movie. I was born into a middle class family. I grew up in the village. I started attending a primary school in our village as a child. Lessons were given there from first class to fifth class. We had 72 children in our class. I was talented enough and I won first place in class every time. But one of my very competitors was Imran to compete with me in his studies. He was also very good at studies. He always competed with me a lot and was very violent towards me. He always wanted me to leave him behind.

We always considered each other as adversaries, always avoiding each other and opposing each other. I know why from a young age there was a lot of competition between the two of us. So we always thought of each other as rivals and always thought of how to lose each other.

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Since I was in a village school, it was a lot of fun in the village schools. I had three dear friends with my friends. A total of four of us used to hang out together. There was a much closer relationship between the four of us. When I was in 5th class, I was selected by 5 people from our school for the scholarship examination. Among them, my opponent Imran whose roll number was 2 was also selected for the scholarship examination. Five of us used to ask for scholarships together. At school, our scholarship coaching classes started 2 hours ago for five of us, so five of us used to do scholarship coaching together with our class teacher.

Ever since then we have come to realize that good things can never be achieved by quarreling or rivalry with each other so Imran and I would not quarrel with each other anymore and we would start talking to each other and within a few days we would be very good friends. Is created between us. Gradually we had fond memories of school class when we no longer quarreled, didn't think of each other as competitors, and read and shared everything with each other.

But in the meantime, one of my girlfriends likes Imran and offers him love. And my girlfriend tells me she loves Imran. Then I became very angry with my girlfriend from the bottom of my heart because then I realized that I was also very weak towards Imran because then we used to love watching movies on TV every day. And love movies would be so much more beautiful. I learned to realize first and became more and more attracted to Imran. And in the meanwhile I kept disliking my girlfriend in my heart as she told Imran about love but I could not tell Imran about my love. Since I am a girl, I was too ashamed to talk about love to Imran. But the two of us developed a much more beautiful relationship of friendship but between the two of us a deep bond of love developed between the two of us but we never told each other.

We both fell in love with Imran. I fell in love with Imran. I realized that when Imran was late for school, I kept looking at the road to school again and again. When Imran will come to school and see him, but I have never been able to tell him my thoughts. Imran and I have never been told about his love, but we have developed a very close friendship with each other since childhood.

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Our childhood friendship is still intact. Now I have completed Masters. Imran and his studies are over. Now we are husband and wife. When we realized our love, Imran offered me love when I was in class nine. And I agree to her offer of love because I have loved and loved her since I was a child. But since I am a girl, I have never been able to express my love to her, so when she offers me love, I fall in love with her. I give.

As a result of our love, we are now each other's life partner. We express our love according to our family and we were established and got married 4 years ago. Nothing can happen in the world. I have loved him from my heart since childhood. I have dreamed a false dream in my mind. I have got him as my life partner.

So friends this was my love story. You must read my article and comment on how you felt. Stay well, stay healthy, this is the expectation for all and everyone's love for all people like me as a life partner, I expect this for everyone.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. God bless you.

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