Our village is very beautiful

Our village is very beautiful, the beauty of the green nature of this village has taken my mind. Seeing the beauty of the village fills my mind. Sounds very nice.


Our village is very beautiful. The environment of this village is full of greenery. It is very nice to see the combination of green in our village. There is a small river in our village. I have come to the banks of this river today and I am very happy to see the beautiful environment of the river. This beautiful river is full of water hyacinths. So it looks very beautiful, the crop field along the river bank has taken the form of green full of amazing beauty.


It is very nice to see the beautiful green field of the village. Paddy seedlings have been planted in the crop fields. These rice seedlings have now grown, filled with evergreen. I like the crop field very much, there are trees planted along the side of the paddy field. These beauty scenes are truly fascinating.


A tree garden has been planted next to the crop field. This garden looks amazingly beautiful. We came to the side of the garden. The beauty of the sky could be seen from here. I like it very much. Everyone comes to the garden and enjoys the beautiful weather in the afternoon.

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Your village is really very nice. Thanks for sharing your article and photos.