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The topic on equality between men and women is a sensitive one for me and it's something I like to stay clear of especially when I see my friends having a friendly argument on the matter. Most times I prefer to just sit and watch and absorb all of their points then when I'm alone, I go through them in my head and try to understand them better.

When it comes to me and what I think about the topic, I will say it anytime and any day that if a woman wants to be treated equally with a man, then so be it (she shouldn't even have to want it, that should be a normal thing from the start). I have absolutely nothing against that. If the ladies at work want the same equal pay, then they should get that as long as they put in the same amount of work just like the guys do.

Most times when a lady gets involved in the equality topic, I've noticed that they always end up saying "it's a man's world" whenever they have nothing else to say, it's like their last line of defence. But the truth is that a lot of ladies get favored the most in a lot of things and I speak from experience. I've witnessed things like that right from when I was a little kid in primary school.

But anyways, like I said, if the ladies put in the same amount of work and yield the same result the other guys in the company do, then they should have an equal pay, it's as simple as that.

But in a situation where you're not bringing as much money as your male counterpart is, don't you feel it will be a little unfair to be asking for the same pay. A good example is the women football league asking to be paid the same wages as the guys when they don't even bring in half of what the male league brings in. That to me is outrageous and unfair to the guys. If you want the pay, then you have to put in the work.

Another example is in relationships. I've seen cases where the lady shouts at the guy, telling him that they're both equal in the relationship and that no one is the leader. She even goes a step further to share the chores at home, which to me is fine (not traditionally though) but because the western people do it and a lot of us want to do what they do because we feel they're cool. But how can you be a stay-at-home wife, you don't contribute to any of the financial expenses at home and you expect your husband to go out everyday just so he could foot those bills and then comes back home to wash the dishes because it's his turn to do it.

Its totally unacceptable. If you want to be equal, then we split everything in half. The chores and the bills. If you can't pay the bills then you will have to make up for it some way which is making sure that all of the chores are done properly while your man goes out to make that money.

Its as simple as that. If you want equality then make sure it is equality you want and not just using the word only when it favors you. Equality is for the good times and the bad times. It's either that or you're just not ready for equality yet.


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