Hive Learners Contest "Become a Policeman and Always Keep the Comfort of the People"

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Good evening all friends, greetings to all of us who are in this beloved community. After I read the theme this time, it is certainly very interesting for me to discuss it with all of my friends. Being a military man who can serve a certain country is something that many people like very much. I have also seen in this day and age that military developments in every country are indispensable with the current world atmosphere. A power to become a military man is certainly very necessary in every region to defend the sovereignty and territorial rights of the country.

In each country also has their own military And now many countries have prepared various military reserves. In my own country, there are many military forces who already have expertise in their respective fields. Both from the army, police, Brimob, and also other military forces that have been prepared by the state to defend the country. Each country also needs a lot of money for military spending, because military strength in a country is very important for that country.

I also want to be a military man, be it a soldier or a policeman. But for now I prefer to be a policeman who can serve the country and can also carry out the duties as a policeman that has been stipulated by the law in the country. Many of my friends have also become police officers and of course they are very proud of their profession now which is a very important military for the country and they can also serve the country.

If I become a police officer I will continue to serve the country well and I will keep this country safer and govern in accordance with the laws that have been set. Police are also very important for every country and as I have seen myself the police are also very useful for many people and for society. Urban police always regulate traffic and peace for everyone so they have their own rules in each place and behavior.

I think that if there is no police, an area will often be noisy or we can see many robberies or other things that are not useful for fellow human beings. The police are also the people who regulate narcotics and they are the ones who arrest drug dealers or users. In big cities, the police always regulate roads so that there is no traffic jam and every road user is certainly very comfortable if the road is not in a traffic jam.

Police are also people who have special training and people who are already allowed to use firearms. In addition, the police can also protect the sovereignty of the country to help the country's soldiers. Indeed, to become a police officer is not as easy as we imagine because at the time of registering to run ourselves there are certain requirements that we must follow. If one day I graduate to become a military police officer, of course I will train diligently to become someone who can serve the country and be useful for the country itself. Then if I become a police officer I also always socialize with the community and maintain security for the community.

Maybe that's all I can write tonight and hopefully my dream of becoming a police officer can come true in the future. Thank you to seniors and friends who have supported me. See you later in my next post.

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The police are great, and even I would love to work with them. But they have note really been inspiring in my corner of the world. But then, there is still hope.

Thank you for sharing this with us.