Hive Learners Contest "When I See People Fighting"

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Good evening and greetings to all of us in the community. First of all, thank you to friends who have participated in contests in the Hive Learners community, and thank you also to seniors who have held contests in their communities. About the theme that has been set in this edition, I really like to discuss it with my friends on this occasion. About being a Middle man when we are stopping a fight is certainly a good thing when the one fighting is our friend. So I want to tell you a little about a fight that two people had in front of my eyes. At that time there were two people who were in the fields to drain water from an irrigation into their respective fields. The feeling was that both of them were angry because they took water to put into their respective fields.

Because there was no one else in the fields. But it was only them and me in the fields. That feeling, I already suspected that they must be fighting because of the water, not long after that they immediately started fighting and throwing rice fields at each other, and I tried to approach them to stop or reprimand them not to fight and that feeling didn't work what I said to them. but they continue to throw earth at each other or fight each other with the ground. After that I tried to call the neighbors who were there to respond to the incident so that they would not fight again. The person who was ready to call also called the village parties to calm the atmosphere where there was a fight in the fields.

They are also people who are old but still like to fight over trivial things as I have mentioned above. Even though it was only because of the water they wanted to put into the fields, but because of that they threw each other with the ground. In my opinion, fighting is a very bad thing because it can divide someone or separate someone. And in this day and age, when we fight, I feel ashamed, especially with people from my village or with neighbors, that's what I am ashamed of. Moreover, they are people who already have children and of course children. They are ashamed to see their parents fighting like that in the fields. At that time I also tried to be a person who did not take sides with one person but I just told them gently but they didn't want to listen to what I said so I immediately called people who were near the rice fields. Of course the people I called were people who deserved respect because they were also old and belonged to people who were respected in the village. Maybe if I speak to them loudly again in the fields then they may not listen because they are just ordinary people and are still very young. So at that time I immediately came to the conclusion to summon parties who were feared in the village or respected in the village.

Alright dear friend. Maybe that's what I've seen with my head straight people fighting. And what I feel is that there is no one else there and only I can make them not fight anymore. Thank you and see you later in the second edition in the 29th week.

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Fighting between people is really not healthy at All
Nice write up ✍️

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Yeah... Sometimes, when you find yourself as a mediator, the issue might turn out to be bigger than you so you call on someone with more experience. And you did just that.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

You're welcome. I also thank you for the kind comments