Building HIVE status, while Compounding...

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There was a time when I used to scoop every penny from whatever source I could and spend it without thinking otherwise. Well, there was no other option for me due to the circumstances around me. There was no possibilities for me to save/keep something for the worse case scenario.

Situation changes, so does our way of thinking! I have come a long way! So much has happened, quite a lot of new attributes got added into life! All the hard work and hustles, it has started to bore fruit. Maybe not the way I have anticipated but there is light which I can see as of now at the end of the tunnel.

Building HIVE status while.png

When our way of thinking changes, so does our goals! I do not want to go out of HIVE and bore you to death with all my boring stories, so HIVE it is which have made a significant impact in my journey so far.

Lessons learned...

This crypto winter has taught me a lot! I have been surviving this winter due to the fact of the savings that I have made over the bulls. A lesson learned from the veterans of the crypto. Although, I was impatient enough to get into those cryptos without waiting long enough. Or else my situation would have been far more better than it is now. Another segment to improve for thyself ;) Keeping that in mind, I have been able to see the power of compounding along this journey of mine. I have heard, how people accumulate while waiting for the right time and just keep on repeating the process. It pays off, it definitely does. Tried my best and even now trying to make up for the things that I am doing for my future. I do still consider myself as a noob and I am improving along the way.

When you start thinking big, the mind helps in finding ways to make that dream come true. Hustle, will power and opportunities all of them combined, the dream can come to reality. It takes time but its worth it!

The Power of Compounding

I have been compounding few of my assets for the past couple of months and after seeing the growth of those assets I was sort of stunned. Yes, I have done that (compounding) in the past but not to that extend where I have actually invested a substantial amount of money.

  • Few ways to make use of compounding

HIVE-Power, is probably one of the best example that once can give about compounding. I have made plenty of posts about HP and how it can serve us in the long run. Few ways which I have been compounding HIVE is via powering up posts to 100% HP, where my author rewards will end up in full HP and they will be in staked balance. Even though the curation reward is low but my amount of HIVE (HP) will increase as time passes by. This way my account growth has been quite great and when I check the graph at the end of the month I am quite happy with what I have achieved so far. Although, I tend to improve as time passes by and I want to reach 100k HP as soon as possible. Yes, it is a long way for me to go but that's the target for now.

My last 1 month account growth! Organic! Content creation mostly!

download (1).png
Image used from Peakd, analytics

  • Splintershards

I have around 36k SPS staked in my main account @rehan12. I remember doing the process of staking from 31k SPS. After that I just kept on compounding and I have also added some additional funds from outside. But obtaining almost 5k via compounding that is something I do really cherish along the way. Yes, the balance is not really much to many out there but I do really cherish this small victory of my patience and will power once in a while.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 141429.png
Image used from Splinterlands

I recently activated the Splexgg service. Where my SPS will get restaked every hour from now on and that even automatically. My interest rate just increased as of today. Since my interest will be provided with the staked balance of mine and that is meant to increase every hour as of today.

If you want to use the every hour compounding service of Splexgg

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  • If I ever have HBD (big amount) in my account

One of the future plan that I want to initiate along the HIVE journey of mine. I want to enjoy the 20% APR for a long time. Since we have seen how stable currencies are depegging over the course of this bear market, HBD does seems one of the best choice to have as of this moment. Which is why I intend to compound my way of the APR that I will be getting for staking my HBD's into my savings account. Yes, this is a work on progress and hopefully I will achieve this goal of mine soon enough.

Screenshot 2022-12-05 143213.png
Image used from peakd

I do believe in the power of compounding. I do not like the person WARREN BUFFET because of his thoughts about crypto. But he is a successful person and he have shown us some ways where he have managed to build his wealth all through his life. Compounding is one of those strategies which he has followed all through his life and if you study some of his interviews and his thoughts you would be surprised. Knowledge is indeed such a precious item. Get it and implement it in your life. Since we can grow from every step of our life.

When I think about long term, I imagine a life where I will not have to stress about everything. I could do whatever I want (nothing crazy lol). Just a life without anything holding me back. If I am being honest, I do not have those things backing me up. By that I mean money or wealth. Many of us have to grind our way to the top. Count me within that crowd. Work harder and also work smarter along the way.

I am forging my future along with HIVE! What are you upto in this bear market?

Best regards

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Compounding is indeed a very powerful strategy for wealth growth... But, it's important to pick the right asset for compounding... Also, an important thing is to take some profits while we compound, at least 20-30% of the amount that we compound (daily/weekly/monthly)... It looks like you made a good choice with your assets! Congrats!

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 2 months ago  

Yes, I have learned the lesson in this bear market :)
Will be more decisive in taking decisions the next time. It will not happen again.

On the other hand making the best use of the bear market as much as possible. Thanks for dropping by and I appreciate the suggestion. I will keep that in mind all times :)

 2 months ago  

Hmm, what an amazing write up as expected of course. This is so so informative and daring I tell you. Building a future with hive is something that only a few think of and that is because they lack the knowledge. Just like you said towards the concluding part, knowledge is very important for growth.

So many people on the blockchain miss out on different opportunities all because they lack knowledge about those things but then the few that have this knowledge and put it to good use, we can see how better they become on a daily basis.

I've also thought of benefitting from the APR % also and I've been working towards it but then I kept having use for some and I do have to just take it and I still feel very okay about that because I'm actually creating this wealth to use not fir parade but staking it gives me the chance to have something to fall back to and that is basically the whole idea about it for me.

Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us using yourself as an example, I've learned a thing or two and I've also been encouraged to keep doing what I'm doing.

 2 months ago  

Building a future with hive is something that only a few think of

Things are going to change for many of us once HIVE sees the bright light that it was suppose to a long time ago. Until than its time for us to get every bit of HIVE that we can in this bear market ;)

So many people on the blockchain miss out on different opportunities all because they lack knowledge

I can not agree more lol. Coz I am also in that list and over the past years, there was so much that I could have achieved if only I was serious about few stuffs. But that's past and its gone! Nothing can be done. Just keep moving forward :)

It really is great to see HIVE helping us in our real life and it will be far more better in the coming days. Thanks for your time in my blog and I always appreciate the feedback :)

 2 months ago  

I can't agree any less, hive is still at his growing stage and it's just a matter of time before it gets to the point where it just overwhelms so many people, hehe. The best for us to do now is to just keep accumulating as many as we can so we won't be part of those that will be overwhelmed, hehe.

Everyone has passed through that stage at one point and it is normal to have been there before, hehe. But good you are no longer there, we know how important information are and we will keep learning more about things.

Yeah hive is a life saver to so many of us and we can't deny that fact. You are always welcome Rehan, I'm happy I could make my contribution 😊.

 2 months ago  

Well, what I mostly do is to build irrespective of the external conditions. Truth is that the prospective rewards carries more Incentivization value far more than the challenge of actually not doing so. We cannot make 100% right decisions when it comes to digital assets, just gotta take the lessons and get better with the experiences.

 2 months ago  

Well we are humans and we do learn from mistakes. It will happen once in a while. Besides lets try and avoid making those mistakes as much as possible.

Walking towards the top :)

 2 months ago  

I am definitely working harder and smarter while I keep compounding and making my way to financial stability. Thank God for Hive for giving us the opportunity to do something like this while building our assets.

 2 months ago  

That's great to know buddy! Keep up the good work and sooner than later the goal will be achieved! Lets meet at the top!

 2 months ago  

Thank you, Rehan 😊

 2 months ago  

yes it's true as you said, struggling in the crypto world is not an easy thing nowadays, good luck to you always, keep the spirit to pursue your dreams

 2 months ago  

Yep, bear market are rough and tough to handle! But I suppose this sort of situations are indeed needed!

good luck to you always, keep the spirit to pursue your dreams

Same to you :)

You need to have patience if you want to build wealth. It is not a marathon but a walk every day.

 2 months ago  

Well, agreed!
Lets meet at the top :)

Very inspiring numbers, my friend! 💪🔥

@rehan12! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @stdd. (7/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

 2 months ago  

Thanks buddy :)

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Thanks for the curation mah man :)


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This is inspiring. I am struggling too to get my content noticed and I am willing as well to increase my presence and weight into the Hive ecosystem. Hopefully I will get some exposure and accordingly rewards as well :D
In the meanwhile, I keep writing!

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