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You must have heard mostly in movies, especially those ancient movies, that a traveller never discloses his destination to anybody he meets on the journey. There is a reason for this and a lesson that can be learnt.

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Disclosing your destination while on a journey could cause you to lose direction. When travelling you get to meet different people that you most likely do not know if they are foe or friends. Sharing your destination with someone could mostly get you exposed.

I know what you are thinking? Your question is!
What if we needed direction, how do we ask?

In this case when you don't have a complete picture of your destination and you need to ask for direction, then it is okay to ask but you should know, your purpose of travelling must not be disclosed. It is too risky and could cause you to never get to reach your destination.

ɴᴏᴡ, ʜᴏᴡ ᴅᴏᴇs ᴛʜɪs ʀᴇʟᴀᴛᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀᴇᴀʟ ʟɪғᴇ?

When we say destinations in real-life situations, I mean our dreams and goals. It is important that when we have a purpose, a dream or an idea that we truly desire to attain, it is important to be careful with who we share them.

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The people you share this information with may likely give you bad advice to lead you astray and to keep the ideas for themselves. No matter how close they are, we should be careful of the people we trust.

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Also, it is important to know that when you talk too much about your goals with other people, you most likely would not achieve your goals. This is a very true fact because you are exposing yourself to people who don't want your good. You are telling them your plan and how they can stop you.

Also, there is a saying that an empty barrel makes the loudest noise

I see this quote to somehow enter situations like this. The more you speak about them, the more empty you become and your passion become to decline. Somehow and someway, you would not find yourself interested in achieving that goal or not be able to achieve it by any means.

As they say, the best way to prepare for war is in secret

This quote above is relatable to our personal lives. The best way to achieve your goals is to plan them in secret. Speak to yourself alone about it and build them to reality. You don't know who you can trust, so it is best not to share them if you really want your goal to come to reality.

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You should know that the more people know about your goals the more discouragement you would get from them. I am sure you can relate to this statement and must have happened to you in one way or the other.

Let me share my story with you about when I started playing the guitar

When I started playing the guitar, almost everybody know about it in my church and I was discouraged that my fingers are too soft to play strings. This was because I found it difficult to hold a chord. I was literally laughed at by people and highly discouraged. Imagine that feeling when you carry the guitar and someone says what can you play, just go and drop it aside.

It pains when there are people discouraging you from something you truly desire. It would get to a point where you might lose faith in achieving your goal. This is why is it important that you should keep your goals, plans and ideas to yourself.

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If you are to share them, only do that to people who you believe can assist you in fulfilling that dream. This is where mentors, accountability partners and a circle of people with similar goals come in.

I want to know, do you believe that sharing your destination could affect you not arriving there? Do you have any story to share of how people have discouraged you after telling them your goals? if so, please share them in my comments below. I would appreciate your comments by curating them. thank you!



Starstrings01 AKA Giftedhands is a Hive lover, a Nigeria musician (Guitarist), and also a student who studies Mechatronics Engineering at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

His goal on Hive is to be more than a regular blogger but something more; someone with a purpose. That’s one of the reasons why he founded the newbies initiative @newbies-hive to help guide and support newbies. Kindly click here to follow the @newbies-hive curation trail.

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 7 months ago  

One thing I like about you is how you deliver beautiful content daily and so inspiring which speaks of things happening every day among humans.

One thing we should always have at the back of our minds is that “no one is to be trusted ”. You would think some people actually love you, but no! They pretend and once they know a little secret about you, they feel envious and would try to stop you.

My big sis would always tell me not to reveal my plan to anyone. She has a simple life that she only discloses things to her two siblings (I and my younger sister) because she knows and trust us. We all believe disclosing our plans and goals to people, they might not like it because they aren't there yet and so, they start to get jealous and plan against you.

Let me share my story;
If I had known, I wouldn't have shared my earnings to my friends. They knew I blog on different platforms and many times when I introduce them here, and reveal how much I make daily and weekly, they thought I had money and so, they would always ask and bill me to get things for them. I was a fool spending, taking them out and they never spend on me. One time, one of them asked for a loan to start a little business, I told her I don't have and sincerely, I didn't have then. That week, my sister sent me some money which I asked from her. This friend saw me getting a cabinet for myself and ever since then, I saw she changed. A few days later, she told me why she had been reacting that way and she made a statement I will never forget. She said;
"If I were to be a bad friend, I would have done something bad to you"

Ever since then, I shut my mouth and stop revealing my plans and earnings to people.

To them, I feel proud but I never acted in such a way. I had to explain how I later got the money to her.

Some people would always have you in mind to hurt you once they know something about you, especially your secret.

So, keep your plans and goals to yourself until you make it. Only show your results.

One thing I like about you is how you deliver beautiful content daily and so inspiring which speaks of things happening every day among humans.

I don't know what to say than thank you very much.. the thing is I try to be attentive and pick lessons of what happens around me.

Omo.. your friends don carry big woman eye dey look you oh. Chai.. have you tried bringing anyone of them to hive?..

You learnt a lesson from the statement made by your friend. I don't know why she thinks like that. I feel it's because she has some sort of entitlement feeling as she is your friend.

Glad she did nothing to you.

 7 months ago  

have you tried bringing anyone of them to hive?..

I did but their problems are;

  1. They don't like pressing phone like I do... I don't see this as an excuse though since you want to be making money 😅😅

  2. They want quick money that they will start saving and spending. They are these kind of people who aren't consistent and would give up if they don't earn especially when they are just starting.

  3. They don't buy data on their phones. These are the types who aren't always online on Whatsapp, and only show up when they sub 😂😂😂

All these are what I have observed in them and I see that I am only wasting my time bringing them onboard because I might regret ever mentioning it to them.

 7 months ago  

Thank you for your engagement in Hive Learners!
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 7 months ago  

The Gif 😂😂😂

Thank you so much. I am very glad seeing this 😍💕💕

 7 months ago  

I totally believe that sharing your destination could hinder you from arriving there. In this context, if you must share at all, let it just be within your immediate family, especially those with who you are sure to have your progress at heart.

Let me share a practical story that happened to my husband ...oh, what a world we are into😭

My husband had a very close friend of his. They gist so much about life and their passion to make it in life. They are all civil Engineers residing in different states. The guy, my hubby's friend lives in the East and so every contract my husband gets over there, he gives it out to him and concentrates on his job in Lagos State. This was how close they were and so one day my hubby revealed to him about a factory he wants to put up in Lagos State as another source of income.

When I heard this, I blamed him as if I knew what was coming his way.

Do you know the young man wasn't happy about dat? He went to the extent of meeting a native doctor to make my husband useless and return to the village. Human hearts are really wicked and full of evil.

I will not dig deep into the case but the summary was that, the native doctor called my husband on phone ...what a surprise call😭, and ordered him to come physically to his shrine ..hmmmmmm

Thank God that I know God! We entered into severe prayers and God answered us by fire...though what they did was already manifesting before we realize that ...we were almost begging for food because things were falling apart daily but God later restored to us...the guy later confessed and the factory is 80% done today.

 7 months ago  

Thank God that I know God! We entered into severe prayers and God answered us by fire...t

No time! Thank goodness, you realized in time!

 7 months ago  

Yes bro👍

Damn... I thank God for the life of your family oh. A close friend for that matter. People are wicked oh!

Soon that factory would be 100% done by God's grace!

Thanks for your wonderful comment. It's well appreciated!

 7 months ago  

Enemies within my brother...
Thanks for your prayer and I say a big Amen 🙏

You have made some pretty valid points that I completely agree with

Your post reminded me of a quote by Nikola Tesla which goes

"Be alone, that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born."

Sometimes it is necessary to be alone and get things done because telling people can lull you into a false sense of commitment.

But I still think telling some people is important... Even necessary.
Sometimes we just need that validation.
And as you said,

If you are to share them, only do that to people who you believe can assist you in fulfilling that dream. This is where mentors, accountability partners and a circle of people with similar goals come in.

There are people in my life that make me wanna do more, write more, shoot more videos.
Their support and encouragement keeps me going, those are the kind of people we should share our goals and plans and dreams.

Nice one bro🙌🏻🙌🏻
It was a lovely read 😁

Hmm... Yeah, being alone is where these ideas are created and keeping them impacted would cause them to come to reality.

Brother! I understand the need for validation. That's why I said if at all, these is where mentors and accountability partners come in play.

Relatable article ! First off , one should endeavor to remain unpredictable. Of course by spilling out one’s plans or goals won’t make this possible . Less talk , More action should be the watchword . It will be more honorable when one’s plans do the talking when they eventually come into fruition.

Hmm more action should be the watch word. You are right brother!

There is also a saying that: don't talk about your plans or goals, let your success do the talking for you.

 7 months ago  

Keeping what we want to do to ourselves really matters in the situation if life because we can't know those who are after our success or downfall. We should keep our dreams to ourselves not until they are achieved. Great post 👌

We should keep them, especially from village people. You get now 😅

I don't mind telling people when I want to travel. I feel it keeps me safe. However, when it comes to plans, I try not to disclose much because of the reason you mentioned. The moment you get people involved they always have unsolicited advice that often does no good.

It's extra hard for people like me who have a hard time with decision-making. So even though we try to pay deaf ears to the advice they always find a way to get into our heads.

It's easier to just not say anything and leave people wondering.

Yeah you can keep plans to yourself but when you are ready to move then you can tell them about it.

 7 months ago  

I get your point a lot. This is one of the reasons to have a very little but scrutinized circle but still, we need to "dira" personally. Planning in secret is a very good way to shut down the mouth of serial discouragers and all. And even if one would need help, do it with sense. My mum does this a lot. There was a time my dad wanted to buy his first land, do you know while my mum was trying to ask around about lands on sale she always says "A younger sibling of mine wants to buy a land..."?

And guys, I have learned well from her.

Smiles... Your mum is a smart woman.. she doesn't want to get herself exposed that's why she said that.

Greetings to your mum for me bro!

Very good post! I think exactly like you . Thanks for sharing your knowledge buddy. Cheers

Thanks man

That is so good man


i think that not everything happening in your life at the moment that we need to discuss to some people, some people love you too much that they won't allow you to move to your next level. so some people it is best to tell them something when it has already happen.

Yeah very true. Hence the reason for this post.

 7 months ago  

Thank you very much!!! Really appreciate

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 7 months ago  

I so much love your content delivered here. I always get inspired when I go through your post.

In today's world we are no more trusting friends even your your family members anymore. It is a risk to disclose your destination to someone you have never known before.

Travelling to a place you never being before, you should chat the person that is directing you to that place.

Thank you for sharing with us @starstrings01.