A Poet Fear

in Hive Learners11 months ago
Authored by @Ubani1


They say poets write about their greatest fears
yet how do I write about something so perfect as love?
How do I fill this blank page with the ink of my feelings?

How do I say loving you was a greater fear than losing you
or not wanting you is a fear of addiction
how do I say my breath being seized Is a fear of breathing air that lacked your presence;
Or write about something in nothingness as vanity.
How do I say no, desiring you is a greater fear than dying with nothing.

How do I write about this smile traveling the mile of my face to my lips without telling a lie?
How do I watch you lay your head against the latitude of my chest waiting patiently,
waiting for my heart to rotate along its orbit if only it would whisper of my fear?

How do I draw the painting of your face in my mind as you stole my heart, waiting for you to feel my soul with your undying love? Artiste of my soul.
How do I spend the day without a thought of you? The memories of you are inscribed in my mind, causing me to act on your will.
My greatest fear.

They say When a poet kisses you,
pray that you might taste the deceit on his lips,
for he would kiss them on your lips too if you let him.
He would for sure as your lips are locked,
till you are consumed by his sorcery of words
twisted in a dark art called. "Love"


 11 months ago (edited) 

Quite a loud cry of a broken-heart!