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There are few times in our lives when we're indulging in one thing or another, and just like a memory recollection, it just seems as though you've experienced or been through what you're just presenting doing. If you're anything like me, then yours might even be more strange, because most times when I have a deja vu feeling, the next few minutes I can literally predict or fortell what will happen next, and these usually make me look like a weirdo among those there when such happens.


The deja vu feeling is something that's quite common with many, most especially me, and these have made me feel as though I've done something before, and when I'm doing it in the actual sense, it makes me wonder how I come to have such a memory when in the real sense I've never been through it before. I'm still unsure of its source or why these things happen, but I'll surely love to know the reasons we experience such.

So in this post today, I'll be taking you through my personal experience of having such feelings known as "déjà vu." It's quite strange and its pattern of happening is still unexplained, and most times it occurs to me, and when I say things, it makes me look like a weirdo. Read through the details below to get an insight into some of these cases.

One of the most memorable deja vu feelings or experiences I had was about 7 years ago, during my undergraduate days. I and my church members were preparing to go for the monthly holy ghost congress, and while we were waiting for the bus that would convey us to the redemption camp, I was discussing with some of my friends, and immediately after I saw the bus driver inside his vehicle, something strange happened to me.

It was as though the future or what will happen next flashes before my eyes in seconds, and immediately that happens, I feel uneasy and tell my friends we won't be following the bus because it'll get involved in an accident. My friends listen to me and laugh, thinking I am joking, but when they see I am serious, they yield to my advice, but to prevent others from entering the same vehicle, I walk down to my pastor and tell him the same.

After telling him, he looked at me strangely and asked, "how do you know?" I said I just knew, and he was trying to convince me that I'm just scared or something; he said I shouldn't worry because we'll all pray against it, but I told him I'm not going and will only follow them if it were to be another bus and driver; when he saw he couldn't change my mind, they entered the bus and left, although some who overheard the conversation also stayed back.

It wasn't until 20 minutes after they left that we were called to say the bus was involved in an accident and we should come quickly with another car to help take some people to the hospital for treatment and checkups. It was a shocking experience, of cause I wasn't happy such happened, but I just wished they would listen to me. On getting there, we realized the cause of the accident was because the driver slept off.

Although many weren't affected by the accident, the driver and the person next to him received significant injuries via the accident; aside from that, a lady fainted but everyone else was perfectly fine; my pastor doesn't even know what to say to me other than to pat me on the shoulder and say it's well and that the devil is a liar; it's quite strange to have such an experience and the next minute see what you saw like a vision happen in reality.

From that moment, people in my church and neighboring people that heard about the incidence started looking at me weirily. I could remember one even trying to ask what the outcome of his next travel would be because he wasn't feeling too well about traveling; I just smiled and told him what happened then was a coincidence.

I've had several other cases of déjà vu feeling, but here is where I'll stop for today, I'm writing this in response to hive learners promt as seen in kronias post fee minutes ago, kindly read through it for more information.


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 2 months ago  

Hehehe... They will start seeing you like a seer, not knowing it was coincidence. The truth is that no one would believe us when we tell them the outcome of a particular thing and when they do not heed to it, and something happens, they start bowing and praising you. Lol

Thank God you didn't go with them even when the pastor was trying to convince you. Most people would want to believe the pastor's word because we feel he is a man of God and nothing can happen. But when we feel something isn't right, it is good to be cautious and observant too.

 2 months ago  

Lols a scene I can't even explain perfectly as regarding how people reacted. And as to why I didn't follow the pastor, I've had such experience before and it all usually happens, so that's why I'm not giving the Pastor prayer and assurance any chance.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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 2 months ago  

Waooo, if your pastor had listened to you know how it will occur and they won't see the greatness in you.
Nice write up

 2 months ago  

Yea that's another aspect to it, but base what I felt that day either they listen or not, what happened will still happen, because I felt as though the driver was marked for something terrible, so assuming they don't follow him, might still encounter the same.

But majorly I'm grateful everyone was fine.

 2 months ago  

I don't know you are a prophet, you have foreseen the future before it happened. I think you need to follow your talent and become a pastor.

This is a great talent, I'm serious about it.

 2 months ago  

Prophet, pastor abeg o. I'm non of the above. It's just a coincidence like I stated.hehehe

 2 months ago  

Lol, you are seeing vision😅😅

 2 months ago  

Coincidental vision😀

 2 months ago  

Have heard that before. Maybe you are Merlin in disguise.

 2 months ago  

I better run from this man

 2 months ago  

Lol, come back here 😃😃

 2 months ago (edited) 

I guess you are gifted and only had a tip of your awakening, that comes in firm of deja vu at times, I wished by they had listen to you.

 2 months ago  

HMmmm it's probably I gift like you said, I also wished the same.

 2 months ago  

Really, is this another aspect of the deja Vu? I use to have this kind of experience but I didn't know what it was. I wish they listened to you, I also think this is a supernatural gift from God which you should pay attention to.

Thanks for sharing 👍

 2 months ago  

Yea I just felt it kind of relate to déjà vu since I can't really say what it really is.

I wished they listened too.

Aunty forget about paying attention to anything xd 😀

 2 months ago  

Avoid me 😉😂

 2 months ago  

No dear.

 2 months ago  

I have always felt like Deja Vu can be used to predict the future somehow, but most times when I experience it, I only recall or have the feeling that i have seen this happen before.... And nothing more.

From your experience, do you think what you are experiencing is deja Vu or something else, because in deja Vu you can't tell what happens next.

Thanks for sharing your experience ☺️☺️🙂

 2 months ago  

Well deja vu is something I'm just hearing for the first time and making a research after the topic and I felt it relates to what I usually experience like the one stated above.

I really don't know if deja vu have any differences.

 2 months ago  

Reasons like this are what makes me see it as something more spiritual than just psychological. Thanks for sharing your experience.