The Hidden Power of Tags in a Post

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Hello, I'm going to share my knowledge and learning on this Hive platform. I've been into this Hive platform for more than 2 months and endlessly craving for knowledge about this platform. It's not easy to learn this Hive platform overnight and I spent countless days and nights on how do I start as a Hivian, what do I do on this platform, lastly on how do I get more upvotes as much as I could.

Even today, I'm also learning on the Hive and not only that. There are also communities that are dedicated to help other Hive users just like th Hive PH and learned more about the Hive platform itself. I think self knowledge isn't enough to learn more on Hive but it needs a thorough talks, chitchats with other Hive users that has been in the platform for years.

Anyway, I want to share something that might help you in making more tokens and not just on Hive itself just by using tags in your post. As we all knew, tags are important in creating a post or a blog because that's one way determine what kind of blog that you are posting. Let's take an example of making a "Travel Blog" of course we need to go to an appropriate Community for this travel blog and also the tags are in line with the travel blog. Yes, you can do that but that does limit on posting only in HIVE platform.

Using appropriate #tags can also help post your blog with other platforms and can get more tokens that are listed in Hive Engine in line with the Hive platform. Just like Neoxian platform where you can earn NEOXAG from the upvotes that you will receive.

Well, you can make a post using PEAKD, Ecency, or Hive and then use an appropriate tag so that it will reflect your post to the neoxian platform or to other tags and also get upvoted by whales in each respective token that staked on that token.

I took the Photo from my computerI took the Photo from my computer

That's as simple as 1 2 3 and viola you have now posted your blog into HIVE platform and into Neoxian City platform. That's makes the tagging more powerful and you can earn HIVE and also NEOXAG (if the user has stake NEOXAG in their account) after 7 days of posting. You can also see your rewards from the hive engine in the history of each token.

Courtesy of hive engine

There are lots of Hive Engine tokens that have their own platform and it only needed a certain tags so that your post can be posted in their platform and have a change to get their tokens from your posts. I will tell you some of the tags that are active and you can also swap it in Hive from the Hive Engine buy and sell orders.

These are the tags that you can use to cross post your blogs and earn their specific tokens.

    • you can use this tag to earn BEE tokens and their platform is Tribaldex this is one of my favorite token because I earn a small amount from this.
    • I know you were familiar with this one and you can use this tag to earn Neoxag tokens and their platform is Neoxian City
  3. POB
    • It's basically the Proof of brain platform where you can earn POB tokens when using their tag
    • This is about sports and mostly the users use this are from actifit and their platform is Sports Talk
  5. VYB
    • I don't know more about this one but you can earn LASSECASH when you use their tag and their platform is Lassecash
  7. BRK
    • I recently discover about this and I got their tokens from it and their platform is Ice Break
    • I always use this but you can earn a few cents from this but don't expect bigger and this is their website Waivio
  9. ALIVE
    • It's about you are alive and you are thriving. This is their website Alive
  10. ARCHON
    • By using this tag, you can get archon tokens and their platform is Here

Some users didn't invest in hive but they invest on other tokens and staked on that certain tokens that I mentioned above. And who knows, you can get more if you use these tokens if you get an upvote from them.

You can also research more of the tags and PING me if you also got tokens that are worth to tag and we will use that one, too. When posting in PeakD, Ecency, or in, you can only get a maximum of 10 tags, so be sure to pick the tags that you will think you can get more of it if you use that tag.

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This information is powerful salamat lods!

No problem, I'm glad it really helps you a lot.

Thank you for the information.

This is very useful. Thanks.

I hope it helps you and let's get more tokens other than Hive.

Thank you for this information. I was already getting confused with the use of tags. This is helpful.

You're welcome and I hope it really helps.

This was super helpful sir @vinzie1

Thank you so much, if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

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Wow, good to know... Thank You for sharing Brotha.. 😎


By using these tags, you have a chance of getting an upvote from anyone that has staked tokens on their hive engine and sell it on hive engine to get a HIVE or HODL it haha. I sometimes hold these tokens and sell them after.

I must tried those tags 😁


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