Qui vivra verra

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The French proverb above (in my cover image), and below:

Qui vivra verra
Who will live will see

is an interesting one, it helps us appreciate the uncertainties that come with the future; that is, if you survived to see the future.

So, please, my brothers and sisters, we will all survive the future to come. While you must have a lot of reasons to survive, I have a special offer for you all on the blockchain. This is purely motivated by the love I've experienced and some milestones I've met during my brief stay on the chain.

Before I talk about what I have to offer, what achievements am I referring to?

My Hive Growth

1. I made myself a spot on the Hive Engagement League


In the @abh12345's recent post on the Hive engagement league, where he showcased the top 100 bloggers, I was pleasantly surprised to find my name among the top 100. It was a real achievement!

I was mentioned by @Kronias

In the report card of the HL Weekly Featured Content with the tag: #hl-w4e3; I took the first position.
My Nigerian fellows will understand how important it is to, in our language, "Carry first". It was really motivating to see myself here, and I appreciate the HL team.

I have hit a lot of milestones on Hivebuzz


The Hive gamification service, [Hivebuzz has awarded] (https://hivebuzz.me/@zestimony) me a lot of medals for different milestones reached and crossed.
It is a nice thing to always follow through on these achievements as presented by @hivebuzz.

I have achieved a lot within the few months of my stay here. Thanks to the @hive-learners community and a little bit of my hardwork.

What's Next?

You know, we can only plan to increase our chances of succeeding, but planning does not guarantee success. Only those who live will see.
Nonetheless, I've got plans (somewhat exciting). With this post, I am introducing a self-developed content series that I will call:

The Hive Library [#HLIB]
The Hive library is me just flexing my research skills and muscles weekly to produce teaching content that covers different aspects of the Hive blockchain. It will be a series covering several learning areas.

Who sent me? I sent myself. I just feel like being more useful. Instead of having you research some things from the ground up, I want to take the stress to curate different materials and resources, add backlinks, and try as much as I can to answer some questions you may have about how the blockchain operates.

I will be covering topics such as curation, curation trail, hive delegations, hive witnesses, etc. Content ideas are always welcome (you can even share some in the comment section right away).

**I am also open to collaboration, I am poised to work with you all to create quality content.

What makes me fit for this project? First of all, I am really enthusiastic about this. Also, I have always worked as a researcher and a curator, so I know a little here and there about research and inquiry.

I am not really creating something new, I am just collecting and collating existing information to help answer some questions about the blockchain.

A few times, I even go extra miles to interview the big men we look up to on the chain, such as @Starstrings01 to clarify some findings and get a better picture.

Even more

I intend to launch a new engagement series that I am calling:

Hive townhall

It is a weekly series where I raise some questions or topics, mostly related to the blockchain, or even polarizing social topics, and we all dine on it together.

This will require me to tag a few persons, but participation is voluntary and all no-tag requests will be promptly honoured.

Let me give you a clue as to what the townhall sections will look like. Have you noticed that the chain doesn't honour your gender identity? Have you ever wondered why you are neither male nor female on the chain? How about tagging a few veterans to hear their take on it and discuss together on this.

The Hive Townhall [#HTW] will not be community-centred. I intend to move from community to community to find a perfect balance. However, suggestions, criticism, and questions are always welcome.

In the End

Qui vivra verra
Who will live will see

I welcome y'all to the future.

Yay! 🤗
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 10 months ago (edited) 

Great article.. i love the idea of a hive town hall i know it will bring so much alignment of people into knowing more about the hive and Blockchain! 🙂

 10 months ago  

Yea. That’s the idea. Bring more people together to discuss on common issues!

 10 months ago  


 10 months ago  

This is a superb write up @zestimony I told you before now that you are one of the people I look up too, this is a very great idea the Hive Town Hall very thoughtful, and what you said about gender Is true, I will love to join this idea and support if you permit thanks for sharing.

 10 months ago  

I'm very happy that it makes sense to you. I can't leave you out. We'll all work together to make Hive a place we desire!

 10 months ago  

You are man of vision and I love men with vision because I am a visionist myself.

 10 months ago  


This is really a gold comment. The best motivation I've received today.

 10 months ago  

I really feel honored now thanks for that @zestimony I haven't felt this way in a long time.

Congratulations for your achievements on the blockchain @zestimony