I Brought You Flowers

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I'm a renegade. I put my flowers in this post. I chose "Always A Flower" because where else is it more appropriate to put flowers I ask you?? THEN... I saw a blue thing that said "Rules".... RULES !?! Those old things?? ....and I didn't go read them. Pish Posh !

I hope I am still falling in the rules and if not I'm sure MotherMaryMargaretDenise will come over here and rap my typing knuckles with her very fine ruler.... or at least chastise me till fall I asleep. 🤣

flowers 7.jpg

So.... what am I doing here? Why... I brought you flowers ! I thought you really deserved some.

flowers 4.jpg

I heard you'd been very very good. I don't know if that is a fib or not, but that's what I heard.

flowers 5.jpg

They bring such cheer everywhere they show up.... just like you do.

flowers 3.jpg

You're so beautiful, you know that don't you?

flowers 6.jpg

There is nobody else that is quite like you.... and I mean that in the very best way.

flowers 2.jpg

You make me smile !


I hope these flowers I brought you make you happy.


It's Thursday ! .. .I mean.... Friday Eve ! There... that makes it sound much better, doesn't it ?

I hope you are doing well and that your heart is happy.

Love you bunches !



Now that was a cheeky tongue-in-cheek post with beautiful flowers for the sweetest lady on Hive🌻🌻🌻 Have a great Friday... well it's already Friday here...and a great weekend too 🤗

Thank you ! It is now 7:23 AM on Friday. I am checking my net things and getting myself ready to clock onto my work computer in about a half hour. It's payday too, but I still have to work 8 hours before my weekend can officially start. I'm hoping time goes really fast till 5 o'clock and then slows down for the weekend. LOL

Thanks for stopping over ! Hope your Friday has been going well.


Well that is better than having to cut a switch for behind the woodshed 🤣

LOL.... the switches at the house my folks lived in when I was born, were growing on the bushes outside the front living room window. After we had to pick a switch or two that would be used on us (properly of course).... later we would break them all off while we were out playing so there would be none available should the time come. 😂

What a beautiful post! 😍 I just got back and what a lively pist to great me.

There are rules with #alwaysaflower? I don't use rules! If it's a flower, it is #alwaysaflower!

Thank you!

Welcome Back ! Hope wherever you were was a lot of fun.

flowers flowers flowers.... no matter how many, no matter how often, they are always beautiful.

They are beautiful and there can never be too many flowers, nor too often. Flowers. Always. #alwaysaflower xo

It was a need, not a want, but all will be better soon.