Let's Flex $CUB and $LEO at CZ Binance!

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As much of a presence Hivers have on Twitter, it was a huge disappointment not to see any mentions of $CUB and $LEO in the comment section of this tweet. When an exchange owner wants you to shill him your coin, you don't even think about it, you simply start writing.


I don't have to explain why this is important, do I?

Okay class, by the raise of hands, can you let me know who here does not understand why it is important to talk about noteworthy projects in the comment section of very influential people in the crypto community?

No one? Great.

Now, before you go yell $CUB and $LEO at CZ please do consider that you don't want to be as dumb as I was and just say $CUB or $LEO, or both. Be thoughtful about what you write-up and create a meaningful tweet explaining why these projects are useful and why they are good candidates worth considering for a possible listing.

A listing that would catapult this community in front of a ton of fresh liquidity and thousands of potential new users.

This would be a huge step in the right direction so let's do it!

I want to see your tweets up there, go!


Just did my part:

Go there and do what you have to do :)
$cub #cub #leo #bsc

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@onealfa.leo good job sir..keep it up

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I think it makes sense to time the shill though. Do it when the bridge and kingdoms are up, and when Project Blank is just launched. Then the case to get it on Binance is very easily made, much more easily than now imho :)

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One could mention these features as the roadmap. Such opportunities don't come very often and thus we should take advantage of them as soon as they present themselves.