Cycle: Wainui Loop 4x

in New Zealand5 months ago

Distance 39.54km Moving Time 1:42:15 Speed Avg 23.2km/hr Energy Out 605kJ

2nd Cycle for the challenge

Today's plan was to do 4 loops and possibly 1 more depending on how I feel. Each loop is approx 9km so after the 4th loop, I took a quick snack break. Got too comfortable and didn't feel like continuing. Slacker right!

Cloudy with a slight breeze, just enough to give a decent workout riding into the headwind. Perfect cycling conditions.

new park sign, going to miss the old wooden one

Feeling good at this stage of getting back into cycling. A couple of weeks of this and I'm ready to rejoin #usobikeride group rides.

Check out this activity here

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Not bad i think...
Thanks for passing and upvoting. Will follow you
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