Cycling Up to the Summit and A New T-Shirt

in New Zealand6 months ago

slow ride today

Blustery day today for a ride and pretty tough riding into the strong winds. Not sure why I chose the mountain bike to cycle on suburban streets, the road bike was a better choice. Still, I got a decent workout.

one of the many places I stopped at

Actually, I stopped quite a few times. Raised the seat height, change the backpack strap setup for a riding position (waste of time, remind myself not to take a backpack, supposed to rain so I took wet-weather gear), chatting to some people on the hill.

After reading a few posts it was great to see some creators wearing shirts with the HIVE logo, which inspired me to create my own. Now I'm no graphics designer and the official Logo has already been created and made available for us to use. All I need to do is add some text, think of what layout I would like, and I'm done. Hardest part was colour selections, after 10mins all done.

I chose the following digitees Custom TShirt Printers here in New Zealand with their own online designer/editor making it much easy to complete the whole process, design and order.

front - my totally newbie T-Shirt design - back

Now I'm not into merchandizing which is why I used my HIVE handle in the design. This makes the TShirt unique just for me and I am OK with that.

So what did it cost me, $93.98NZ Gst Incl delivered for 2x T-Shirts (size 2XL). It took 11 days from when I submitted my design/order for it to be couried to me.

My thoughts

After giving both T-Shirts a cold wash before use (as per manufacturing instructions) and letting them dry over-night, I used one on todays bike ride. It was warm/soft and great for the today's condition, but wrong for this purpose, cycling. Polyester is best for any sporting activity IMO.

I love my T-Shirts, very unique, very me :-)

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Fancy! So are your made of cotton?

Cotton was the easiest choice, DTG (direct to garment) printing allows me to use more colours. It's my sporting mentality that I based the layout on, thinking about doing a real Cycle Jersey one day. Cheaper to test on a T-Shirt first, one Jersey costs around $160NZ.

I think it's a lot. Why not trying some budget online printing service?