Experiment: WebP Image Format and Rumble Video Platform

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In this experiment, I'll be using my hike to the Orongorongo River at the end of 2021.

All following BASH lines are typed in the terminal.

In order to do this on my MX-Linux, I had to install the encoder:

  • $ sudo apt install webp

Converting a jpg to webp

  • $ cwebp -q 70 20211229_133556.jpg -o 20211229_133556.webp

Note: The only way I could use WebP images with the PeakD editor, was to 1st upload them to an online image-hosting server, then in the PeakD editor use the link of the image. Inconvenient, maybe, but for this experiment it is fine.


From reading information about the WepB format, I'm glad it works well with the BRAVE browser, which is the only browser I use on both desktop and mobile phone.


The above images are WebP

Now let's talk about Rumble.



I have been looking for an alternative to Youtube for many years now. The first successful platform I came across was Vidme, unfortunately, they shut down. I thought I would try DTube but I did not like the uploading process, way too complicated. 3Speak just won't accept my videos. I've been using Bitchute as my alternative, works fine but the best quality on playback is 720p, which these days minimum should be 1080p IMHO.

click on image to play video

To Add an Image Link in PeakD Editor

  • [![caption](JPG image URL)](video URL)

Currently, this is the only way to add a RUMBLE video to a PeakD post. Definitely not ideal by using a link that makes the player open in a different browser TAB.


There is a lot more work involved by creating a POST this way and I am forever doing things differently. Trying something new is exciting as there are many ways to achieve the same result (seeking a way to move away from BIG TECH!).

GPS Tracking and Display produced by the Huawei Band 6 and Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone combination.
Photos were taken with Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone.
Video recorded on the Sony FDR-X3000 Action Cam

  • with every post comes experience, as we all strive to do better.
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  • as always, thank you for viewing my post.


I think it's great that you are moving away from the standard tech options, I try use them less and less as well, mostly because I hate what their shareholders stand for.

Loved the photos of the forest, it looks like a great place.