Start May with an Easy Walk

in New Zealand5 months ago

Now that I'm back to using the Strava App, it's time to set some goals and get some consistency workouts underway, this App does it perfectly.

These 4 challenges are easily doable regardless of weather conditions, a good place to start.

Walking along the stream return via street was easy going, cloudy and breezy keeping cool at all times. Was nice not to carry a backpack or water bottle.

GPS Tracking and Display produced by Strava App on Galaxy A10 Phone combination.
Photos were taken with the Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone.

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Did you do running?

I tried, just hate running, has always been a struggle for me.

Just curious.



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good old Wainui’. i lived in Upper Hutt for 8 years but im back in the Naki now.

Oh man, you got some great hiking trails your way. Once all this pandemic business settles down I need to get out your way.

And that’s not even counting Mt Egmont/Taranaki