Wainui Summit Walk

in New Zealand5 months ago

shooting into the sun is not a good idea

This walk turned out to be a lot harder than expected in comparison to the steeper ridge walks I do. Admittedly I'm coming out from a mild Cold but it shouldn't be this much of a struggle.

interesting data

I didn't realize how long this walk was taking, it actually felt a lot shorter. Still, the day was pleasant enough and it was nice to see a lot of cyclists out there riding over the Summit, so tomorrow I'm going to take the bike out.

one of my favorite places to be, top of the summit

Wellington Harbour, New Zealand. Labeled as one of the windiest cities in the world, but on a good day, can produce stunning panoramic images.

Just a thought as I was producing this post. I have 2 great cameras that can produce good videos I really enjoy taking photos for these types of activities. Videos are much easier to produce maybe I'm becomng lazy.

GPS Tracking and Display produced by the Huawei Band 6 and Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone combination.
Photos were taken with the Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone.

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Greetings friend excellent bike training, we have the @fulldeportes community where you can also post your workouts, but you must make a presentation video, and you have to publish in two languages, Spanish and English.

Saludos amigo excelente entrenamiento en bicicleta,tenemos la comunidad @fulldeportes donde también puede publicar tus entrenamientos, pero debes de hacer un video de presentación, y tienes que publicar en dos idiomas español e ingles.