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Hey you guy's I hope everybody on the hive platform or not is having a great day and living happily and is in good health and keep enjoying life what it has to offer

yesterday my pc started showing the blue screen of death it looks like this :
taken from wallpaperaccess it is a picture from wallpaperaccess because I was busy fixing it so didn't get the chance to take a picture of it so I watch some online video on how to fix it
and I lear most of the time the ram get a fault or it needs to get clean I did clean it but it didn't work so I try testing pc by turning it on with only 1 ram stick I did find out the faulty ram and I just didn't use it anymore because I still got 6GM of ram anyways now it is working just fine

here's the faulty ram stick
anyway, peace to you all @aiovo


Good to know that you were able to find out the problem and removed the faulty ram; problem solved. What a relief!

I am quite familiar with this type of stress, with any problems in the PC. During my college life, whenever there was an issue with my desktop or laptop, I couldn't concentrate on any other things unless the computer issue was solved!

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thanks for letting me know bro

My pleasure. Hoping to see you in the chat post.

I hope to be there

Happy day my friend, I hope you are having a good time, it is unfortunate about the pc, but that has a solution, stay alive.

Thanks bro I certainly enjoy my life

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Good to see you alive @aiovo, too bad what happened to your computer, hope you can fix it soon. Stay alive.

I have already fixed it

@aiovo, its great that you figured out the issue and fixed it.

Yeah, i remember the blue screen of death very frequent on the older window versions.
Now, i sometimes get on my windows 8 laptop
My old laptop a few years ago, had the same RAM issue. but sadly the laptop started giving problems after the RAM was removed.
Anyways it was a daunting task to identify the issue

Take care and stay safe.

Yeah it is it took me quite a while

I am glad you were able to figure out the issues with your computer and were able to fix it yourself. Take care.

Pleasure I will take care

 3 months ago  

Great to see you alive and well @aiovo, and sorry to hear about your computer issues, but great that you where able to fix it and that you can go on with your tasks, enjoy your day and stay safe, awesome and alive.

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Well it's all fix up now I have returned to my normal daily life

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Good Morning, @aiovo! Good to hear and enjoy your day!

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So sorry this is coming late I thought I have done this, nevertheless and so happy I can still make it up to you,it a grate privilege to meet you @aiovo kudos to you for fixing your PC problem it a grate job you have done to get it back to function am happy you were able to fix it do have a lovely day

Thanks for passing by

Youare welcome

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Hello dear friend @aiovo good afternoon
It is good that you have been able to solve the problem of your pc. the tutorials on the wweb are great for this kind of thing.
stay safe and take care dear friend

You bet they are there a lot of useful tutorials out there