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This selection of posts is part of my engagements to the We Are Alive Tribe community.

#I am Alive on the 12th of June 2024 Thank God for the gift of life by @mercysalifu1

Today I woke up to see another light of the day it another chances and opportunity to experience life again. I thank God for granting me the opportunity to live, life as a student as actually not been easy, attending like four lectures per day, going for night class. And working on many assignments, it has not been easy but I give God all the glory and adorations for allowing me to witness each day of my life, and when you have faith in him everything seems possible

I Am Alive And Tired Of Being Phobic by @phoenixwren

Hello friends! I was once again scared of a bug when I woke up today (sigh), so let's get my mind off and talk about other things. Have I mentioned I am really tired of this fucking bug phobia? Really tired. I hate startling right out of my skin over a tiny little creature. I wish I could logic my way out of it, but unfortunately that's not how it works. Yes, I have tried various solutions. Believe it or not, I'm better than I used to be, but not cured.

IAAC DAY #549// You Can't Fake Good Heart by @leemah1

The only thing you can not fake is good heart and it is very rare, good people are rare to come across but there are fake people everywhere and they are hard to identify. The smile you see on fake people's face is not genuine, just a facade to lure you into their hidden agenda. You can not identify it because they know how to hide it well.

#IAmAliveChallenge || Daily Off-Grid Jungle Journal Entry: Day #687 by @tydynrain

Our Hive Power is bar none one of our top most important Hive assets. It is our stake, or ownership, in the Hive Blockchain, and represents the weight of our influence upon it, as well as our capacity to help and support other Hivers. Hive Power is a governance token that allows us to participate in voting for Hive witnesses, supporting proposals, and determining the direction of the Blockchain.

Stressful Thursday || IAmAliveChallenge #088 || IAmAliveAndThriving || LarryIsAlive || Alive Burning || 13.06.2024 by @oasiskp2

Everyday has its own troubles. Today is Thursday, the chooseday I choose to go out to the phone technician to have my phone fix. Since we do not have ele supply for almost two weeks now, I have been managing to charge my phone through another person shop whose area have light. In the course of doing this my phone battery develop fault, God knows how, and the power doesn't stayed long again. So today I choose to take it to the technician to examine the problem, to my surprise I was told that the battery is bad and need to be replaced and it will cost ₦8,500 (22 hive).

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Dear @edgerik, you just got hugged.
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