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Hello everyone on @Iamalivechallenge, how are you doing and how is your day going? I am sure it is great because my day is moving smoothly over here.


So today, I am going to thank God for keeping me alive even in my imperfections. He has kept me alive tp see this beautiful day even in my imperfection.

Even when I am not perfect, He gave His life up for my sake. He was wounded for my transgression, He was bruised for out iniquities. The chastiments of of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

His unending love for me even in my imperfection state has kept me alive till today. A sinner like me was made perfect by His blood.

He died on the cross and accepted to be bruised, wounded for our transgression and iniquities. The Lord has been so good to me and have been supplying my needs even in my imperfection.

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No man would have decided to give His life on the cross or shed His blood for my sake. I won't stop shouting, I will praise Him everyday for the life He has given to me even in my imperfection.

halleluyah, won't finish in my mouth, praise the Lord won't cease from my mouth. He spared my life and gave me a new life even in my imperfection.

Halleluyah for i am alive even in my imperfection. He loves me even in my imperfection. His perfect love has made my imperfection perfect.

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His love for me has given me confidence and assurance that God loves me even in my imperfection. His love brings victory for me, they would have forgotten me and my life will have no meaning, but Jesus your love brings victory for me.



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