Slow Down Thursday : Updates From The Garden | IAAC Year 2

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To relieve stress, I decided to have my photo taken from the garden. I kinda miss giving gardening updates. I did get a bit of help from Mother Nature in watering the garden two days in a row this week. That gave me a bit more time to do other things. 😂🤣 I don't usually do anything else but chores around the flat.

Remember my flowering vine? Well, it's great to see the scented rangoon creeper still giving lots of flowers. 💕✨ that truly brings me lots of good vibes.

Here's my latest challenge -- jewel 21 from the bougainvillea family. It's too soon to see major growth so I need to be patient. Gardening teaches me that.

Look at the alas diyes plant that I planted some weeks back. It's good to see some progress. Slowly but surely.

That's my DIY hanging plant. I missed taking a photo of it the other day when it gave three flowers at a time. 🌸🌸 it's good to see it growing so well. I actually worked on something new earlier, but I'll share more of it next time. I'll wait till it grows bigger.

To the right, to the left. That's my garden view. I think it looks greener than before. I get a bit of shade in some parts of the garden. That's progress. I like to see more. 🌱🌿🌸💮

One day at a time...

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I love Guarding

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Gardening is a great stress reliever for me. 😊😊


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Your garden is looking great, love seeing all the beautiful plants.

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thank you 😊😊

Happy weekend to you!

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